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Glyphosate may be harming bumblebee hives

New study finds the herbicide impacts bumblebees’ ability to maintain brood temperature — which could spur population decline.

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Peter Dykstra: Climate change denial and me

Since the 1990’s, I’ve had a front row seat for TV news's abject failure in covering climate change.

Legacy chemicals are contaminating eggs around the world

Researchers find PCBs and dioxins in nearly 90% of eggs near contaminated sites in developing nations. Plastic waste is a major culprit.

PFAS: Hard to escape in food, clothes, and makeup

A multi-part investigation found PFAS contamination ubiquitous in consumer products. Here's what you can do about it.

WATCH: PFAS "forever chemicals" on our shelves and in our bodies

A multi-part investigation from EHN.org and Mamavation found PFAS contamination ubiquitous in consumer products.

Derrick Z. Jackson: Children will suffer the consequences of recent Supreme Court rulings

Recent decisions by the high court will irreparably impact our children's health.