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WATCH: The aftermath of the East Palestine, Ohio, toxic train derailment

Beyond Plastics captures the personal stories of residents and call for a federal ban on vinyl chloride.

Beyond Plastics, a project to end plastic pollution, released a short documentary featuring the stories of East Palestine, Ohio, residents after their lives were upended by a derailed train spilling toxic chemicals into their community.

The video, made by independent filmmaker Arman Dzidzovic, also features Dr. Terry Collins, a Carnegie Mellon University professor, who talks about the health risks from burning vinyl chloride, and Judith Enck, Beyond Plastics president and former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator under President Obama, who calls on the EPA to ban vinyl chloride.

Vinyl chloride was deemed a cancer-causing chemical in 1974 and banned in some products, but it remains widely used in drinking water pipes, building materials, some packaging and children’s toys. When burned, dioxins and other highly toxic chemicals are released.

Watch the video above and visit Beyond Plastics, where you can learn more about the dangers of vinyl chloride and sign their petition to ban the chemical.

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