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Across the globe, anti-Indigenous organizations and sympathizers work to undermine the collective rights of Indigenous peoples. This collection of reports reveals some of the most common attacks Indigenous communities face today.

Trash pickup could get a lot quieter (and cleaner).
Amid pandemics and environmental disasters, designers and architects have been forced to imagine a world in which the only way to move forward is to look back.

Although not the farmer, Sen. Tom McInnis of Richmond County owns the land for a proposed poultry farm near Goldston in Chatham County.

A newly formed group of sick farmers is demanding immediate government action to regulate pesticide use, and to protect workers ill from exposure.

Nova Scotia says chemicals are a last-ditch effort to stop the invasive smallmouth bass from entering the St. Marys River system.

Bayer AG is up against a fast-approaching deadline to settle remaining lawsuits over its Roundup weedkiller or face the prospect of a judge restarting the process of sending the cases to trial.

Former students are taking illegal and often dangerous jobs in India and other developing countries, potentially rolling back years of progress in social mobility and public health.
A surge in milk production has reaped economic rewards, but at what cost to once-pristine rivers and estuaries?

Farmers need more support from the government to plant the trees necessary to meet the UK's climate targets, ministers have been told, as they consider wide-ranging changes to farming payments after Brexit.

Dispatch Goods is a new zero-waste container system for restaurants. Get your food delivered in a metal container. They’ll come pick it up, clean it, and bring it back to the restaurant.
How an agricultural chaplain is seeking to revive the ancient tradition of grain cultivation and heirloom wheat for churches and communities.

Public Integrity analysis found 43% of nearly 2 million front-line farm and processing workers nationwide are immigrants — mostly Latino and many non-citizens.

Tensions between Mexico and the United States over water intensified this month as hundreds of Mexican farmers seized control of La Boquilla dam in protest over mandatory water releases.

Ten years ago, fed up with floating litter everywhere and frequent whiffs of sewage, Baltimore launched a “Healthy Harbor" campaign.

Government mulls 'insane' pilot scheme to allow fishermen shoot seals with high-powered rifles

Whether Cooke Aquaculture's plan to raise native steelhead at fish farms in Puget Sound is a simple business transition or a complex threat to the marine ecosystem is being debated.

Day after day, week after week, the steady drum-beat of climate change issues - from melting ice caps to Australian infernos - is exacting a global mental health toll. And no one feels the heat more than young people.

Climate change could take a big bite out of Nebraska's corn business, threatening an economic engine for the state and an important food source for an ever-hungrier world.

Coca-Cola Amatil fears its secret bottled water source in the NSW Southern Highlands is under threat from a major sand mine proposed for neighbouring land.

Over the next 50 years, the arid zone – containing the areas of true desert – is projected to expand well into the Murray-Darling Basin and almost entirely envelope the Lake Eyre Basin.

A new study shows that the potential for natural forest regrowth to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and fight climate change is far greater than has previously been estimated.

The outcome of the race will say much about what kind of Democratic Party will be confronting climate change in the years ahead.
The food activist and co-founder of the I-Collective sees the work of his elders as the foundation for promoting economic, racial, and environmental justice.
As American growers harvested summer crops, the migration of seasonal farmworkers who were infected with the virus represented a growing health and humanitarian crisis.
The U.S. insisted that new international guidelines on combating drug resistance omit any mention of fungicides — a demand that the industry made but that ran counter to science.

Wall Street fund manager BlackRock administers $408 million in shares in the three largest Brazilian meatpackers operating in the Amazon today.

Biotech company Oxitec has created a caterpillar with self-destructing eggs in an attempt to curb agricultural damage. But will other pests simply move in?

Despite evidence of harm, it seems unlikely the government will follow the recommendation to prohibit salmon farming in part of British Columbia.

According to official data 886 patients were admitted for treatment in hospital for poisoning through insecticide spraying in the fall of 2017 alone.

These groups represent industries worth billions of dollars, and are supported by some of the world's largest polluters.

Columbia County’s UW-Extension, in partnership with the county’s Land and Water Conservation department, is working to test well water in rural areas of the county to ensure safe drinking water.

"First of all, I don't agree with your premise that the administration is dismissive of climate change," said U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue.

A Muskegon County farm is overloading the watershed with nutrients and pathogens, claim state regulators.

Mitch McConnell has long resisted climate action even as the farm and coal sectors suffer, but a growing movement could bring change.