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I tallied the waste I created for a month of my thru-hike. It was embarrassing. Now, I know how to begin fixing it.

Poverty and climate change weigh heavily on the lives of many people in El Salvador. Droughts, floods and storms frequently destroy livelihoods. The organization CESTA works to ensure a more sustainable future.

McDonald's has vowed to address the planet-warming problem behind its most popular menu item. But an examination shows the world's biggest hamburger chain hasn't cut the climate impact of its beef.

Amid pesticide contamination and land evictions, tribal leaders say their villages in Paraguay are at a crisis point.

A troubling report finds that one third of sharks are threatened with extinction. How did the team perform this analysis during the pandemic?
As rainfall events become more intense and frequent, fertilizers applied to Midwestern farmland washes away, contaminating waterways near and far.
The Biden administration’s efforts to correct historic wrongs are being contested by white farmers and banks. Congress might have a path forward.
Parts of the Arctic could become dominated by rain rather than snow during certain seasons by 2060 or 2070, according to new findings published in the journal Nature, particularly if the Earth continues to warm at its current rate.

A new study projects how climate change will affect the oceans, and protected areas in particular. The scientists used a series of different warming scenarios to determine how climate change might alter the oceans.

Every year, a group of scientists and conservation practitioners led by William Sutherland, professor of conservation biology at the University of Cambridge, creates and publishes a “horizon scan” of global trends with impacts for biodiversity.

Troubling news about toxics in our food grows daily, with chemicals and metals of concern contaminating popular products from Skittles to Pop Tarts.

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Birch Community Services in Portland, Oregon, takes a radical approach to rescuing food, reducing food waste, and helping people manage their money—and futures.
Scottish cooks and diners are putting sustainable fish and shellfish on the plate in a tangible (and delicious) move to curb the effects of climate change.
Sims is in the vanguard of young land stewards who embrace farming not just as a means of production, but to cultivate sustainable relationships with the natural world.

Shrimpers see obstacles that will make their jobs tougher, more dangerous; regulators vow to listen.

UK farmers may have to reduce the number of animals they keep because of the critical state of some river catchments, a pollution expert from the government’s environment watchdog has said.

Review of safety studies shows vast majority do not meet international standards for scientific validity.

The crackdown came after the protests spilled over to at least one other city and a major protest on Friday loomed. Weather experts say 97 percent of the country is dealing with water scarcity issues.

The Great Lakes are a freshwater ecosystem rich with aquatic life, but researchers warn of one dying breed — Ontario fishermen who were once prominent fixtures in their coastal communities.

Billions of dollars in new funding announced this year have raised hopes that the initiative to combat desertification will gain momentum, but experts and the reality on the ground point to money being far from the only hurdle.

Images of oil, garbage and jerry cans drifting through the water create the immediate impression of an agricultural nightmare, but experts say it will be weeks until assessments can confirm exactly what damage might have been done to some of the most fertile farmland in the province.

A fourth-generation dairy farmer warned that climate change-related regulations and a slew of economic woes could signal the end for her family's way of life after nearly a century.

Traditionally, rice farming in the Gambia has been mostly done by women, while their male counterparts look after the groundnuts. But for years now the female farmers have watched as the land around them becomes increasingly difficult to manage.

Even though chinook stocks have returned to historical levels, tribes still being limited to catching a total of 200 fish for ceremonial purposes.

University of Maine researchers are trying to produce potatoes that can better withstand warming temperatures as the climate changes.

A number of sites of exceptional biodiversity — well-known to the region's First Nations but previously undocumented by science — have been identified along B.C.'s central coast and should be protected, a joint study suggests.

Cranberries are a staple in many Thanksgiving meals. But this year, the trip these little fruits made to your table was a bit more challenging.

Rising temperatures and resilient grapes have enabled Denmark and Sweden to produce unique wines.
The “MooLoo” may lead to a 56 percent reduction in ammonia emissions, according to researchers.
Wild boar. Kelp salad. Crickets in your pie crust. These are just a few things that may end up on Thanksgiving menus as climate change takes its toll on the planet.

Casella Waste Systems fired up Vermont's $3 million waste-processing plant in January and, with it, a controversy about the new type of food waste it generates.

The state says deer taken in the Fairfield area have high levels of PFAS, the 'forever chemicals' that pose potential health risks.
More than 100 world leaders have pledged to end the destruction of forests by 2030 as a way to slow climate change. That will require changing how the world produces four widely used commodities.
Considering what the world looks like to a plankton offers a new path to solving the paradox of the plankton.

The homegrown apple is in danger of becoming a rarity in India, as farmers have lost up to half their harvest this year, with predictions that the country's main orchards could soon be all but wiped out.

The amount of fish caught in 2021 has decreased across Turkey, while water pollution and overfishing have reduced the fish stock in the Black Sea, according to an expert.