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The in vitro quality of RCC stored in PAGGSM/BTHC-PVC and SAGM/DEHP-PVC is comparable. There is no indication that transfusion of erythrocytes stored in PAGGSM/BTHC-PVC results in increased transfusion reaction frequency.

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Nanomedicine is an application of nanotechnology to enhance medical applications such as diagnosis, treatment, and disease prevention by lowering costs and advancing the sector.

The healthcare industry has become the largest sector of the American economy and contributes significantly to sustainability challenges by generating 29 pounds of waste per patient day, amounting to more than five billion tons of healthcare waste per year.

Pollution with microplastic has become a prime environmental concern. The various ways in which human-made polymers and microorganisms interact are little understood, and this is particularly true for microplastic and pathogenic microorganisms.

Unnecessary vitamin D testing in Australia is costing our health care system up to $87million and creating a significant carbon footprint which otherwise could be avoidable.