Hip Hip Hooray for Laura Ramirez!

Wizard of finance and administration pulls through double-hip surgery in extraordinary style; Congress, alt-right, predatory lenders all scramble.

Hip Hip Hooray

April 1, 2017

Wizard of finance and administration pulls through double-hip surgery in extraordinary style; Congress, alt-right, predatory lenders all scramble 

By Environmental Health News staff

Hesitating to apply the label "breaking news," staff at Environment Health News are thrilled to report the second successful hip replacement surgery for the absolutely irreplaceable, indomitable, effervescent Laura Ramirez.

We're looking forward to a miraculous recovery from this miracle worker. - Joe Szakos, Virginia Organizing"We fully expect her back in the office in two weeks," said Virginia Organizing's head cheese, Joe Szakos. "I mean, she was checking email hours after surgery."

"We're looking forward to a miraculous recovery from this miracle worker."

Environmental Health News staff responded by making sure March Leave trackers were in Laura's inbox before April 1. Director Douglas Fischer even turned in an expense form that didn't have six months' worth of expenses on it.

The only blotch on an otherwise cheery day: A last-minute request from EHN founder Pete Myers, lecturing in Europe, to send acclaimed Czech scientist Kryzblanistzy Stlcholzizwychl a reimbursement in Danish Kroners to his Estonian bank for absolutely critical fan work.

And in an sharp break in protocol, EHN research manager extraordinaire Laura Pyle filled EHN's Twitter and Facebook feeds with "how to" advice on recovering from surgery, reading suggestions and must-watch movie lists. Readers from Australia to Namibia expressed relief and joy in not seeing gloomy news about Trump and environmental rollbacks.

Happy recovery, Laura!

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