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Is New Mexico meeting climate change goals amid oil and gas rules?

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Carlsbad Current Argus writer Adrian Hedden reports about an analysis from the Environmental Defense Fund arguing that New Mexico could fall short of its climate goals without new policies targeting pollution.

In a nutshell:

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's 2019 executive order aimed for a 45% reduction in emissions by 2030, but a study by the Environmental Defense Fund predicts only a 1% reduction by 2025 and 13% by 2030, compared to 2005 levels. The main issue lies in the state's inability to enforce emissions regulations on the oil and gas sector, despite recent efforts to curb emissions. The EDF recommends direct carbon pollution regulation, increased funding, stronger emission reduction laws and transitioning away from fossil fuels to address the pressing environmental concerns in New Mexico.

Key quote:

“Communities across the state are suffering the impacts of drought, air pollution and wildfire and feel the mounting and undeniable pressures from climate change," said Alex DeGolia, director for U.S. climate at the EDF.

The big picture:

Emissions from the oil and gas sector can have significant health consequences. They release air pollutants known to form ground-level ozone, which can lead to respiratory problems, exacerbate conditions like asthma and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Exposure to pollutants from this sector has also been linked to adverse birth outcomes and an increased risk of cancer.

Read the article at the Carlsbad Current Argus.

As the nation’s oil and gas output reaches record highs, new research shows that the harms from this boom go well beyond cranking up global temperatures, Allison Guy recently reported for EHN. Tougher methane limits may help decrease illnesses and curb deaths associated with fossil fuel production sites.

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