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Stay tuned for important science updates
Flowering Quince by Matt H., in Washington D.C.

Stay tuned for important science updates

We jumped the gun on some important new research — but we have plenty for you in the meantime.

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Whoops! This morning our team published a video on some important new research — alas! — it's not ready yet.

You probably landed on this post from our morning newsletter Above the Fold. You can find a running list of every story we put in that newsletter here and you can also check out all of the reporting from our newsroom here.

Thank you for being engaged and apologies for the morning mix-up. To make it up to you, here are some beautiful spring photos.

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Today's top news

EHN reporter wins Golden Quill awards for reporting on petrochemicals and PFAS

Kristina Marusic was presented with two awards for her coverage of the oil and gas and plastics industries in western Pennsylvania.

Recycling plastics “extremely problematic” due to toxic chemical additives: Report

Negotiations are underway for a global plastics treaty and parties differ on the role of recycling.

Reimagining healthcare to reduce pollution, tackle climate change and center justice

“We need to understand who is harmed by an economy that’s based on fossil fuels and toxic chemicals.”

From our newsroom

LISTEN: Nsilo Berry on making buildings healthier

“When it comes to healthy materials, I like to advocate for solutions that become sensible and viable.”

Opinion: UN plastics treaty should prioritize health and climate change

Delegates should push for a treaty that takes a full-lifecycle approach to plastic pollution.

Op-ed: Reducing soil toxics in community gardens

How different groups engaged in community gardens can cultivate partnerships and practices to reduce harmful chemical exposures.

Opinión: Reducir los tóxicos en los suelos de las huertas comunitarias

De como los diferentes grupos involucrados en las huertas comunitarias pueden cultivar alianzas y prácticas que reduzcan la exposición a químicos dañinos.

Visiting health care professionals take “environmental justice tour” of Pittsburgh

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff from across the country learned about the city’s ongoing problems with pollution.