noise pollution

Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash

Project maps soundscape of northern Adriatic and impact on marine life

Croatia's Lošinj archipelago is home to a large resident population of bottlenose dolphins, which suffered a decline between 1995 and 2003. Driving the drop, among other factors, is the growing presence of tourist pleasure boats, which in the summer season frequent the waters of the archipelago.

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Pushing back on lead ammo and fishing tackle misinformation

A science denial campaign is being waged to keep lead in hunting and fishing. Who’s fighting back and how should they do it?

Hunting, fishing, and science denial

The issue of lead ammunition and fishing gear is an under-recognized science denial problem, complete with influential misinformation campaigns out of the Big Tobacco playbook.

Green beauty product testing finds more than 60% have PFAS indicators

“Time and again, you see that PFAS are everywhere in products where they shouldn't be.”

Pollution’s mental toll: How air, water and climate pollution shape our mental health

For years Americans have been warned about the dangers of pollution and climate change but one effect is neglected: impacts to our brains.

How environmental justice work takes a toll on people of color

From discrimination and a lack of staff diversity to witnessing communities like yours harmed, environmental justice work is an emotional and physical struggle.