Blankenship opens wallet to clear his name, rattle Manchin.

How does Senator Don Blankenship sound to you?

How does Senator Don Blankenship sound to you?

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Art, activism mix in airborne crusade against strip mining.

RALEIGH COUNTY, W.Va. — Environmentalists have turned a hobbyist drone into a weapon in their long, bitter battle against strip mining.

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Trump EPA makes way for contentious Alaska mine project.

U.S. EPA today cleared a path for the Pebble mine to begin the permitting process, promising to scrap the Obama administration's proposed restrictions on the southwestern Alaska project.

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Mining union faces 'life-and-death' test.

GLEN DANIEL, W.Va. — A year ago, Chuck Nelson's friends weren't sure they would see him again.

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Interior drops disputed jobs claim from blog on stream rule.

The Interior Department on Friday removed a job loss estimate related to the now-defunct Stream Protection Rule from a blog post, saying it edited the text "for clarification."

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$1B cleanup and aid bill attempts to bridge East-West divide.

Workers are finally moving a mountain eyesore that has towered above Ehrenfeld, Pa., for decades.

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McCain, Kirkpatrick bet on 7,000-foot hole to victory.

The world's two largest mining companies have dug a 7,000-foot tunnel in Arizona that Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick hope leads straight to the Senate.

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Democratic platform forsakes 'all of the above,' not miners.

he latest draft of the Democratic Party platform says the United States should run entirely on clean energy by 2050. But while the document pledges to abandon fossil fuels, it does not want to forsake industry workers, singling out struggling coal miners.

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Climate politics, Pogo edition

Will an old comic strip expression define upcoming global climate talks?

Climate pollution from plastics to outpace coal emissions in US by 2030, report finds

The petrochemical industry has found a new market for fossil fuels: Plastics.

Californians living within miles of oil and gas wells have toxic air

"For many years, communities have been complaining about how oil drilling in their neighborhoods is harmful. Now we have numbers to back that up."

LISTEN: Carlos Gould on global energy poverty and indoor air pollution

"Air pollution affects a number of health outcomes, but for children in particular those impacts are so severe."

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Diesel trucks are causing environmental injustice across US cities

Using satellite data, researchers found that poor communities of color are highly exposed to toxic nitrogen dioxide pollution, largely due to diesel truck traffic.

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