Clean water vs. farm profits at heart of fertilizer-rule debate.

Minnesota is poised to roll out its first-ever strategy to protect drinking water from the farm fertilizers that carry nitrates — one of Minnesota’s worst pollution problems.

By Josephine Marcotty Star Tribune OCTOBER 9, 2017 — 10:24PM

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Goodhue County feedlot opponents say owner violates air standards.

Neighbors engaged in a pitched battle against a big hog feedlot in Goodhue County say that four other facilities owned by the same company routinely violated state air standards over a five-week period this summer.

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Minnesota lakes holding their own against pollution.

Billions in spending aiding the fight against threats like runoff, warming climate.

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Explosion of larch beetles in warming climate is transforming Minn. forests.

As climate warms, an exploding larch beetle population is transforming Minnesota's forests

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Minnesota says 3M is reneging on 10-year-old cleanup deal.

Drinking water for several hundred homeowners is at stake in recent standoff. 

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3M pulls the plug on paying for clean water for 200 in the southeastern Twin Cities suburbs.

The 3M Co. is refusing to pay for providing clean water to some 200 homeowners in the southeastern Twin Cities suburbs who were advised last fall to drink bottled water because their wells are contaminated by toxic chemicals once used at the company’s operations nearby.

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EPA chief Pruitt backs federal funding for Great Lakes cleanup as budget cuts loom.

Scott Pruitt, the nation’s top environmental officer, said Wednesday he endorses continued federal funding for a landmark cleanup of the Great Lakes — a departure from the Trump administration’s budget proposal, which would essentially kill the project.

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