'Alarming' rise in Queensland tree clearing as 400,000 hectares stripped.

Deputy premier brands Australia ‘deforestation hotspot’ after a 45 percent jump in her state’s reef catchment clearing.

'Alarming' rise in Queensland tree clearing as 400,000 hectares stripped

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Great Barrier Reef: Queensland Labor may break election vow and allow ​coal ship loading.

The Queensland Labor government has flagged breaking a 2015 election promise by allowing the loading of coal ships at sea in the Great Barrier Reef marine park.

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Adani's Abbot Point coal spill contaminated wetlands, report finds.

A Queensland government report has confirmed coal from Adani’s Abbot Point contaminated nationally significant wetlands during Cyclone Debbie but there appeared to be “no widespread impact”.

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Adani to fight $12,900 fine for releasing coal-laden stormwater into sea.

By Joshua Robertson

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Queensland conservationists call for river-mining ban to protect Great Barrier Reef.

The “archaic” practice of mining rivers in north Queensland is making a mockery of Australia’s key policy to protect the Great Barrier Reef, wasting multimillion-dollar efforts to cut runoff pollution, its opponents say.

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Carmichael coalmine protests: 'Hang on, is it because it’s an Indian company?'

An Adani executive has said he was flummoxed by the controversy attached to the company’s coal ambitions, which led him to wonder whether prejudice against an Indian company in Australia was at play.

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Queensland must wean itself off coal, says Jackie Trad – but not yet.

Monday 17 July 2017 14.00 EDT

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Agency ruling on federal loan to Adani cites cyberbullying as reason for secrecy.

The federal agency considering a $900m loan to Adani has cited “substantial cyberbullying” of its directors to justify refusing a freedom of information request for basic details of its board meetings.

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