Pollution could increase as Illinois governor, EPA moves to rescue coal plants.

Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration is pushing to overhaul stringent limits on lung-damaging pollution from some of the last coal-fired power plants in Illinois.

Michael HawthorneContact Reporter

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Will federal safety panel ban toxic flame retardants in household products?

Manufacturers long ago stopped adding a cancer-causing flame retardant to children's pajamas, but federal officials failed to ban the chemical during the late 1970s and as recently as five years ago it was the most widely used fire-resistant compound in household furniture.

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High manganese levels lead EPA to crack down on Southeast Side polluter.

Federal environmental regulators are cracking down on a Southeast Side company after finding high levels of brain-damaging manganese in a low-income, predominantly Latino neighborhood.

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Smog follows Chicagoans on vacation to Wisconsin, Michigan.

Michael HawthorneContact Reporter

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By U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District/Wikimedia Commons

Spying on suckers: Volunteers track migrations of native Great Lakes fish.

If you live near Lake Michigan in Chicago's North Shore, you may find sucker fish in your backyard. The Shedd Aquarium and citizen scientists are teaming up for an experiment to help track spawning of white sucker fish along the Great Lakes. (Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune)

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EPA employees targeted by Trump defend their role: 'We're here to protect public health.'

Most employees at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shy away from the public spotlight, focusing instead on the behind-the-scenes work of enforcing laws intended to protect public health and wildlife.

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Climate change will continue to widen gaps in food security, new study finds

Countries already struggling with low crop yields will be hurt most by a warming climate.

The chemical BPA is widespread on beaches around the world

"When we lie on the beach, we're not only lying on a bed of sand but a bed of plastics."

Why environmental justice needs to be on the docket in the presidential debates: Derrick Z. Jackson

If you want to talk about the inequality in our economy, COVID-19, race, and silent violence in our cities, you need to start with environmental injustice.

Our plastic planet

While climate change remains environmental issue #1, the worries over plastic in our water, soil, food, and bodies continue to grow.

Microplastics in farm soils: A growing concern

Researchers say that more microplastics pollution is getting into farm soil than oceans—and these tiny bits are showing up in our fruits, veggies, and bodies.

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