Republicans claim they voted down the Sandy relief bill because it was filled with pork. Don't believe them.

Republican opposition to the Sandy relief bill stemmed from two sources. One was the elevation of the balanced budget into a fetish. The other was climate change denial.

A platoon of Texas lawmakers who voted against aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2013 are scurrying to explain their votes in advance of being asked to vote for the same relief in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

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A beleaguered EPA has become ground zero in Trump's war on science.

Few federal agencies would entirely escape the meat cleaver in President Trump’s proposed budget, but none is facing more devastating cuts than the Environmental Protection Agency.

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In another sign of the end of nuclear power, shutdown looms for Exelon's Three Mile Island.

Three Mile Island, the nuclear power plant located about 10 miles from Harrisburg, Pa., has stood as a symbol of nuclear incompetence for 38 years, or since the reactor in its Unit 2 partially melted down on March 28, 1979.

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Auto executives want Trump to roll back clean-air standards. Can California stand in their way?

Sensing a kindred spirit in the White House, the auto industry is pressuring President Trump to roll back vehicle efficiency standards, which they imply are too stringent and could cost America jobs.

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Rachel Carson, 'mass murderer'? A right-wing myth is poised for a reappearance.

Heroine, not "mass murderer," Rachel Carson is shown in 1962.

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The tobacco industry takes a page from its old playbook for a deceptive campaign against cigarette taxes.

Proposition 56 would get us within spitting distance of wiping out smoking in California completely.

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50 years after 'we almost lost Detroit,' America's nuclear power industry faces even graver doubts.

The history of nuclear power in the United States has been marked by numerous milestones, many of them bad — accidents, construction snafus, engineering incompetence, etc., etc.

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These Louisiana politicians are demanding flood aid, but voted against Sandy relief.

Call it logrolling or one hand washing the other, a generally recognized fact in Washington is that if you want something for your district, it pays to agree to the same thing for another guy’s district.

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"When we lie on the beach, we're not only lying on a bed of sand but a bed of plastics."

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