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Looking ahead: Hormone-altering chemicals threaten our health, finances and future

Advances in science, legal action and public understanding are existential threats to today's chemical industry. Investors should pay attention.

I'm the founder and chief scientist of Environmental Health Sciences, a nonprofit launched in Charlottesville, Virginia, that publishes Environmental Health News and engages in scientific research and outreach to help the public and policy makers understand that we have many opportunities to prevent diseases and disabilities that are afflicting our families, friends and neighbors today.

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Pete Myers

My 'photodegradable' plastic mulch just killed two snakes

CROZET, Virginia – I didn't know what to do with this. Fortunately the Facebook community was listening.

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Where does your recycled plastic go? Perhaps into future highways.

An article in Monday's Washington Post proposed that the plastic recycling problem could be solved by using the recycled plastic to make roads.

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WATCH: John Oliver's take-down of "astroturfing"

This week John Oliver delivered a hilarious take-down of astroturfing—when front groups take on deliberately misleading names and shill for vested interests.

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Pete Myers: The past and future of Buckminster Fuller’s energy slaves

Economists like to point to ingenuity, capital and labor as the drivers of economic growth.

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Analysis: Nature and nurture—not nature vs. nurture.

Science has moved beyond the old thought paradigm of nature vs. nurture as determinant of who we are.

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Science: Pay attention to two other messages in the breakthrough BPA water treatment paper.

Science: Pay attention to two other messages in the breakthrough BPA water treatment paper

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