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Human-induced global warming is "causing unprecedented changes" to the oceans including warming waters, decreasing ice levels and rising seas, according to a recently published report by more than 150 scientists.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is warning that time is running out to act on the climate emergency, which will have devastating effects on the city.

An unexpected constituency is sounding the alarm on climate change: U.S. mortgage bankers.

Two conservation groups and an environmental law firm are poised to sue the Yellowstone Club alleging the club is illegally discharging nitrogen into the South Fork of the Gallatin River.
For people living in the bayou region, housing is one of the biggest concerns in the wake of Hurricane Ida, with 13,000 homes destroyed.
The hauling of rope on maritime vessels could result in billions of microplastic fragments entering the ocean every year, according to new research.
Addressing a growing number of permit questions, the coastal policy and rulemaking body has approved a prohibition on artificial turf within the 30-foot shoreline buffer in areas of environmental concern.
Analyses of satellite imagery show many Pacific Islands are actually growing, but that doesn’t mean all is well for the people who live there.
As Californians fail to meet water conservation goals amid the state’s ongoing drought,...

Sea ice is more extensive than in recent low years, but still far lower than historically — even as other markers, such as thickness and age show declines.

The plan builds on six areas of impact noted in the 2021 Climate Change Impacts Assessment.
Ocean temperatures and water levels are continuing to rise as a result of human intervention. This is having a widespread impact on sealife and weather patterns.

Azmal Hossan joins the Agents of Change in Environmental Justice podcast to discuss climate change and the ongoing water crisis in Bangladesh.

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More than 40 different projects in Pa., Del., N.J., and N.Y. will get a share of $11.5 million in new federal grants for work in the Delaware River Watershed.
Three weeks after the agricultural leaders of the six Chesapeake Bay watershed states urged the U.S. Department of Agriculture to create a regional conservation initiative to expedite Bay cleanup efforts, the farm bureaus of the same six states have done the same.
The Pennsylvania General Assembly extended Gov. Tom Wolf’s disaster declaration for damage from Hurricane Ida Tuesday.
They’re all for saving the world, as long as they don’t have to pay for it

After Russia's warmest-ever summer, the Northern Sea Route is almost ice-free. But only few shipmasters set course for the Arctic shortcut between Europe and Asia.

Open ocean cleanups won’t solve the marine plastics crisis. To really make a difference, here’s what we should do instead.

Namibia holds a network of fossil fjords that could help climate scientists better understand the climate of the past while also offering insights into the role modern fjords play in a warmer world, suggest the authors of a recent scientific paper.

A group of nine people with backgrounds and interests in the coastal economy and related water quality issues provided its recommendations for improving the state's Coastal Habitat Protection Plan.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has said he realised just how fragile the Earth was when he looked back down at it from space, while committing $1bn to conservation projects around the world.

You may be sick of hearing over and over to recycle more or use a reusable bag. A new book called ‘Regeneration’ explains how you can support the changes that are truly needed.
Durante la mitad del mes sagrado del Ramadán, cuando comencé a escribir este ensayo, mi Bangladesh natal estaba enfrentando la pandemia de COVID-19 con un cierre nacional.
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Activists have called on two major poultry suppliers to take action to protect the River Wye from pollution. The river, which flows through Wales, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, has excessive algae growth often caused by high phosphate levels in the water.

A trip to a melting glacier will shape how the BBC's new climate editor, Justin Rowlatt, reports on the story of climate change.

After years of complaints from its neighbors, state regulators have ordered a controversial poultry rendering plant on Maryland's Eastern Shore to curtail its pollution of a Chesapeake Bay tributary and say they will crack down on environmental violations there.

Washing machines should be fitted with filters to prevent microplastic fibres from clothes reaching waterways and the sea, the Women's Institute, campaigners and MPs have urged.

Ann Arbor city officials have options when it comes to the future of clean, safe drinking water... but no matter what, it'll cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

A Canadian-led team of scientists has concluded that tropical coral reefs that feed millions around the world have lost about half their ability to support human communities since 1950.
The potential remedies for the state's drought-related problems are diverse, complicated and divisive.
The company dismantling the former Vernon nuclear power plant expects to be finished before its 2026 target date with an estimated budget surplus of up to $25 million.
Manatee County has approved injecting it deep into the aquifer. The public can weigh in on Oct. 6.