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Days after scientists with Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium showed that lab-grown coral was gravid, they document its spawning in the wild.

State and federal agencies still have work to do, including ongoing monitoring of conditions in the waterway.

The Planet Earth-observation company has just released new imagery of the broken Milne Ice Shelf in the Arctic. Located on the northern margin of Canada's Ellesmere Island, the ice platform split on 30/31 July to form a free-floating bloc some 80 sq km (30 sq miles) in area.

Salmon fishing has had its ups and downs in recent years, but the overall trend is for fewer fish to return to spawn in the important Fraser River.

A weak snowpack and light monsoon have failed to dent the yearslong drought that is now depleting the Rio Grande.

Experiments show the fish respond differently to predictable and unpredictable stress.

You can judge the state of a nation by the state of its rivers. Pollution is the physical expression of corruption. So what should we conclude about a country whose rivers are systematically exploited, dumped on and bled dry?

North Carolina's attorney general has partnered with a national law firm with extensive experience in PFAS litigation, signaling a potentially significant expansion of the state's legal efforts against companies that put these "forever chemicals" into the air and water in North Carolina.

Almost all the fuel oil from the Japanese-owned ship that has caused a huge oil spill off the coast of Mauritius has been pumped out, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has said.

A new report raises growing concern about the contamination of Idaho's Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer. Reports the Idaho Conservation League has released its second groundwater report on the aquifer, which supplies drinking water for more than 300-thousand Idahoans.

When the Dolphins and Rainbows swim club headed out Monday morning for their regular swim in Biscayne Bay, they encountered a grisly sight: hundreds of dead fish in the Tuttle Basin.

Climate change has given rise to a resurgence of child marriage in northern Kenya in the last five years, experts say.

The cleanup of a toxic site in the metro Detroit suburb of Madison Heights is ongoing, but state and federal agencies say it'll cost more than originally predicted - around $4 million.

The Clean Air Council reported a spill of at least 1,000 gallons on August 10 in connection with the construction of Sunoco's Mariner East II Pipeline into Marsh Creek Lake in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Two new reports shed light on how billions of dollars from public institutions and the Gates Foundation continue to flow to “Green Revolution” strategies despite claims of their failure.
The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the corrosive legacy of environmental racism in the United States.
Illegal hunting for meat, fur, and newly grown antlers—along with the warming climate—are depleting wild reindeer on Russia’s Taymyr Peninsula.
As conservation groups reckon with racist legacies, some see an opportunity to shed light on Alabama Hills’ Indigenous roots.

Improved "weather forecasts" for oceans hold hope for reducing devastation to fisheries and ecosystems around the world.

Storms are growing stronger as the planet warms. India must focus on an integrated approach after Cyclone Amphan, researchers say.
“It is not only a sin to kill a mockingbird, it is also a crime,” Judge Valerie Caproni wrote in a forceful decision.
Ever wonder how underwater creatures make light? Or what a Carolina leaf-roller eats? Our list of apps, podcasts and websites will help you figure out what’s going on in the great outdoors.
The share of Americans living in counties and parishes that are at least partially protected by earthen and concrete levee systems increased to 62%, or more than 201 million people,
In a future ravaged by climate change, one animal may come out on top: jellyfish.

New technologies may offer a way to shore up coasts while benefiting biodiversity.

Mauritian volunteers fished dead eels from oily waters on Tuesday as they tried to clean up damage to the Indian Ocean island's most pristine beaches after a Japanese bulk carrier leaked an estimated 1,000 tonnes of oil.

San Rafael waterfall's collapse and subsequent erosion of the Coca River has ruptured three oil pipelines in Cayambe Coca National Park.

A new study in Scientific Reports investigated microplastic ingestion in four species of demersal sharks found in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Their swipes at fake-meat products—Impossible Burgers, Beyond Meat, and all the rest—are pretty much the same.

Twenty years after her moment in the Hollywood spotlight, the famed water-safety activist has not slowed down.

An Australian company that specialises in polar sightseeing trips, Antarctica Flights, has chartered Qantas jets to propel around 200 people towards the south pole, and then back to Australia, in around 13 hours.