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Solvay has been using an unregulated replacement for a toxic chemical, but denied responsible for polluting water, air and soil with a related chemical the company had been using.

Strong, dry wind events will keep fire danger high this week into the next.
A new bill from House Democrats turns to the oceans as a way to fight climate change, proposing to expand offshore wind while barring drilling along America’s coasts.
Five environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Tuesday for using tear gas at the protests in Portland, Ore.
Alarm is growing about the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, in the Arctic, which have been found to harm peoples' immune systems
The White House has dismantled major climate and environmental policies focused on clean air, water, wildlife and toxic chemicals. Here’s how it adds up.

Given the annual threat to Florida, our citizens and the economy, we can no longer afford to allow this issue to be fractured across partisan lines. We must work as Floridians for Floridians to keep the beauty of Florida for everyone and forever.

Winter rains can temper Arizona's wildfire season, but monsoon rains shut them down. Unfortunately, this monsoon season was the second-driest ever.

If you had "tsunami threats in the Arctic" on your End Of the World Bingo card, mark it off.

The Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act calls for urgent action on the issues facing our ocean and coasts.
What once happened only with a storm is now routine on fair-weather days due largely to climate-driven sea-level rise.

Brussels is in talks with Brazil's far-right nationalist president, Jair Bolsonaro, over commitments on the future of the Amazon as it seeks to persuade Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders and parliaments to ratify the trade deal the bloc has negotiated with South America.

In the Gulf of Maine, water temperatures are rising faster than anywhere else on the planet. And, like most everywhere else in the ocean, Maine's waters are also getting more acidic.

Throughout the past 30 years, the depths of the Antarctic Weddell Sea have warmed five times faster than the rest of the ocean at depths exceeding 2,000 metres, according to oceanographers from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research.

A draft Conowingo Dam Watershed Implementation Plan shows Pennsylvania offers the best, most effective opportunities for reducing an additional 6.41 million pounds of nitrogen before it can get into the Chesapeake Bay.

U.S. states hope to tap Canada’s network of large dams to meet low-carbon goals, but do better options exist closer to home?

A new report by Healthy Babies Bright Futures underscores the risks of lead in water. Black infants are particularly vulnerable. Here's how consumers can protect themselves and their families.

Government focus on COVID comes at the expense of other public health projects.

Health workers see Vibrio as a rare danger, if they’ve heard of it at all. But it’s already causing more cases of flesh-eating disease. And it’s poised to get worse.
In a year of lost normality, the fires’ outlandish size and reach signal that normal is gone for good. Yet these fires are not the end of the world.
Last month the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wrapped up a public comment period on its controversial plan to remove toxic PCBs from the Housatonic

A court in the Philippines has dealt another setback to the company looking to mine Southeast Asia's largest untapped deposits of copper and gold.

2020’s record Brazilian fires, which devastated the Pantanal wetlands, also reached the Amolar Mountains in recent weeks, a refuge for jaguars and other wildlife, and home to traditional Indigenous villagers.
Climate change and human activity are harming Antarctica and threatening wildlife from humpback whales to microscopic algae, more than 280 scientists and conservation experts say in urging protections for the icy region.
The global conservation status of a NSW marine park is at risk after the Berejiklian government weakened its sanctuary status without consultation to allow recreational fishing, documents show.

A lawsuit has put the spotlight on coal plants like the Santee Cooper run Winyah station near Georgetown.

Despite an ongoing pandemic and economic uncertainty, energy and environmental issues remain significant factors in more than three dozen competitive House races that will likely help decide the size and makeup of the expected Democratic majority in the next Congress.

Floods and landslides in Vietnam are reported to have left at least 102 people dead or missing, while tens of thousands of people have lost their homes to rising water.

France's largest dairy company has repeatedly polluted the country's rivers over the past decade, according to a new report by French media organisation Disclose.

Fish exposed to endocrine-disrupting compounds pass on health problems to future generations, including deformities, reduced survival, and reproductive problems, according to a new study.

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Bold action needed to mitigate impacts of changing climate already felt in urban and rural areas, and agricultural, forestry and recreation industries.

Canyon de Chelly, part of Navajo Nation lands in Arizona, has been suffering from worsening droughts.
Now believed to be caused by an unprecedented algae bloom, the decimation of bottom-dwelling sea life may have devastating ripple effects.

A man who protested against a mining development in Honduras was shot and killed inside his home last week.

A green pivot will be a hard sell after four years of rolling back environmental rules.