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Buffalo has so far evaded the risk that was buried beneath the city more than a century ago.

Animal models and human studies suggest that forever chemicals, delivered through water, food, and air, alter the immune system, potentially diminishing our ability to fight disease or respond to a vaccine.

The city will remove some lead pipes and pipes prone to water main breaks, officials said.
For months, Cottonwood School of Civics and Science staff, parents, neighborhood residents and public officials have been pleading with federal agents to stop using chemical weapons to disperse protesters outside the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility next door.
Burlington Superintendent Tom Flanagan told school board members Tuesday night that he’s concerned PCB remediation may be extremely costly and ultimately ineffective.
The company's main hazardous waste is lead from die-casting and coating operations.
New research finds that tap water avoidance is on the rise in the US, especially among minorities. An expert on water and health calls for better public education about water quality and testing.

British toymaker, Matchbox, says it's trying to help the environment with the new cars it's launching. There'll be a series of toy cars based on real-life electric vehicles and the company will be using recycled materials to make some of them.

Canada bans graphene masks, while warnings of potential "early pulmonary toxicity" associated with graphene-containing face masks raise serious questions over safety checks and balances.

A woman's exposure to the pesticide DDT during pregnancy can increase her granddaughter's risk for breast cancer decades later, according to a new study.

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A new study of indoor dust found PFAS and other toxics that can lead to infertility, diabetes, obesity, abnormal fetal growth, and cancers.
A new survey of mayors points to gaps in policy to tackle the lack of diversity in green spaces. 
A TikToker from Yellowknives Dene First Nation who's using her platform to call out the toxic contamination from the now-abandoned Giant Mine in Yellowknife, has helped push the issue to the attention of federal government.
Our chemical environment appears responsible for an alarming plummet in sperm counts – in humans and in animals.
The proclamation is part of a broader effort to address the vast racial disparities in pregnancy and childbirth-related deaths and complications in the United States.
The Biden administration is preparing to detain thousands of migrant children at sites with histories of toxic contamination.
New research found that half of young patients with the inflammatory condition, MIS-C, in a London hospital experienced confusion, hallucinations and other issues, in addition to physical symptoms.

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One month after publication of's groundbreaking "Fractured" investigation, lawmakers, civic groups and journalists are pulling our findings into news coverage, community actions, and calls for policy change.

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After pressure from parents and advocates, the agency is laying out a multiyear plan to address the issue.
Unlike SNAP, WIC has a smaller budget, and less of a spotlight. Now, Congress and the USDA are working to address food insecurity in families head-on by investing in and modernizing the program.

In a time of COVID-19, climate change and catastrophe, having a baby is an act of radical hope.

Asthmatics hit hard as pollen growing seasons get longer.

The Los Angeles-Long Beach metropolitan area has also been ranked in the past for having the worst ozone pollution in the nation.
A new initiative seeks to tap into mothers’ concern for the world their children are inheriting.

Washington schools will soon have to test their taps for lead and will be required to fix or replace faucets with concentrations higher than 5 parts per billion.

The Food and Drug Administration allows 10 times as much arsenic and other toxic chemicals in baby foods as it does in some other products -- limits based not on health and safety for young developing brains, but on what FDA thought manufacturers could achieve.
Countries across Asia are trying everything from fertility tours to baby bonuses to spur population growth in an aging world. Not so in Indonesia.
Firings, threats, thefts, gag orders, attempted kidnappings and other intimidation against environmental researchers and civil servants appear to be on the rise; many blame an incendiary Bolsonaro government.

The first black man to lead the EPA in half a century has a job on his hands at an agency reeling from setbacks – but he's confident he can meet the challenge.

Experts estimate that 1 out of every 5 cases of pediatric attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is related to lead.

Rates of asthma and mortality attributable to air pollution vary among Bay Area neighborhoods.

Allegheny County has issued an air pollution watch for the Mon Valley after it said levels of fine particles increased Tuesday evening and remain elevated.

About 2.3 million Americans are exposed to high natural strontium levels in their drinking water, a metal that can harm bone health in children, according to a United States Geological Survey study.

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Though the official advice from health authorities remains cautious, the evidence is piling up.
President Biden invoked the lead exposure disaster in Flint, Mich., in a Wednesday speech pitching his infrastructure plan, saying there are "hundreds" of similar crises waiting to happen across the country.