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Around the world, women are demanding power, and exercising it, in unprecedented ways.

Studies suggest the clean electricity standard the white house is proposing would give renewables a leg up in a nation awash in fossil fuel. But Congress is a stumbling block.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland has recommended in a private report that President Biden restore full protections to three national monuments diminished by Donald Trump, including Utah's Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante and a huge marine reserve off New England.

One of the consequences observed in recent years of climate change is a pattern of more intense hurricane seasons. An example was 2020, and forecasts indicate that this year will be no different.

NATO leaders issued a lengthy communique from their Brussels summit, touching on everything from China to Russia, Iran to Afghanistan, and climate change to outer space.

Many invading plants are expanding their growth range in response to climate change, making early detection and rapid response more important than ever. However, limited resources can make it impossible to track and manage all species with varying ranges.

In his closing remarks to media, President Joe Biden spoke of his hope that the US-initiated Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative could kickstart green, values-driven investment in the developing world. It's a good idea but so far there is little in the way of detail.

The more Biden pushes for the United States to lead the electric-car market, the more Republicans push in the opposite direction.

Hot weather bakes in disadvantage. Regenerating natural and living ecosystems will help us all.

In a rapidly warming world, there are plenty of proposals for stopping, or even slowing down, climate change. Yet in the United States, divided by partisanship and special interests, it has been impossible to forge an ambitious climate policy possessing the speed and scale that scientists say is needed.

The world is filled with scenarios for how to achieve net-zero emissions. Few have had as large an impact as the International Energy Agency's plan to stop approving fossil fuel projects in six months.
Asia consumes about three-quarters of the world's coal, but will an end to new funding for the dirty fuel from G7 nations be enough to catalyse a shift to clean power in the region?

PITTSBURGH—It's been three months since EHN published Fractured, a groundbreaking investigation into the personal costs of fracking for western Pennsylvania families.

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Even though Indigenous Rights are recognized under Indigenous law, the Canadian constitution, treaties and precedent-setting court cases, negotiations between the Crown and Indigenous Peoples often fail First Nations, forcing communities to spend millions just to get their day in court.

Tens of thousands travel through the Great Allegheny Passage and the Westmoreland Heritage Trail each year, but the communities face limited accessibility. Allegheny County officials hope that a connector trail might help resolve this.

A new analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance suggests that global sales of gas-powered cars likely peaked in 2017, marking a major milestone in the shift to electric vehicles.

Lawmakers are poised to decide the fate of a massive project to protect the coast around Houston from rising sea levels.
The climate unity of rich democracies foundered on their inability to commit to ending coal use.

Where the underground Amargosa bubbles to the surface, unique flora and fauna thrive. But now, hotter weather and depleted groundwater in Nevada and California threaten this rare ecosystem.

The 812,000-square-foot building will be the largest ever to get Passive House certification, meaning it meets strict requirements for how much energy it uses.
Planners are working to make the Florida town flood resilient while tending to relations with deep-pocketed homeowners.
Without its icy restraint holding it back from the ocean, the Pine Island glacier could dramatically add to sea level rise.
The fight over the pipeline will be, at least for now, where Biden’s climate commitment will be judged.
The proposed lease sale is part of the Biden administration's push to develop 30,000 megawatts of offshore wind power by 2030.
The administration says it will “repeal or replace” the rule that opened up more than half of Tongass National Forest to logging.
President Biden pushed climate action after four years in which Donald Trump rejected cooperation with allies. But leaders failed to set an expiration date for burning coal.
Christopher James, who once owned a coal mine, was an improbable activist for change at the oil giant. But he was able to convince Wall Street’s biggest money managers to back his thesis.
The country sees a shift toward hydrogen fuel as a vital piece of its plan to eliminate carbon emissions. If it succeeds, that could lay the groundwork for a new global supply chain.

Major steelmakers and disruptive start-ups look to hydrogen and renewable electricity to make green steel.

From Ireland to Israel, companies are coming to the aid of the environmentally critical insect.
A new low emission zone would see drivers fined if they breached the scheme aimed at tackling air pollution.

The world is on alert for microscopic sea-dwelling algae that can multiply and smother the seas, causing swathes of the ocean to change colour and thousands of dead fish to bob on the surface.

There’s money to be made from energy transition. There’s also money to be made from supporting Republicans who favor low taxes and deregulation.

The G7 nations have agreed to step up action on climate change and renewed a pledge to raise $100bn a year to help poor countries cut emissions.