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Right to repair legislation would make it easier for consumers to fix their devices. But industry groups contend it could harm privacy and safety.

Federal energy regulators are working to consider greenhouse gas emissions and environmental justice concerns when approving new infrastructure like oil and gas pipelines, while easing barriers to renewables and energy storage.

Many of the wells are releasing methane, a greenhouse gas containing about 86 times the climate-warming power of carbon dioxide over two decades. Some are leaking chemicals such as benzene, a known carcinogen, into fields and groundwater.

Residents and activists say the project will increase air pollution and lock in reliance on fossil fuels. They claim institutional racism is involved in the decision.
Environmental activists, researchers, lawmakers and others are haunting corporate social media feeds to push back against greenwashing.

Just as the fossil fuel industry was starting to worry about demand for single use plastics, along comes a global pandemic that they could leverage to push more of the stuff. And they did! But was it enough to save them entirely?

You can’t tow an electric car when it’s run out of charge, so what do you do?
A new study found a less than 1 percent probability that a growing imbalance between the amount of energy Earth absorbs and what it emits out occurred naturally.

LA-based Arc Boat company announces $4.25m seed fund to start work on 475-horsepower craft.

Burlington was recently found to have an exceptionally high level of trapped heat compared to other cities. That could be partly due to building design intended for colder climates.

As a college student, writer Julia Rosen spent a summer on Alaska's Taku Glacier, which kept growing for decades in spite of warming temperatures. Now, she reckons with its uncertain fate.

Farmers wait, desperate for rain, in a prolonged season of extremely dry conditions across central Canada where both provincial and federal government have intervened with emergency adaptation measures.

Waasekom is on a mission to raise awareness about climate change.

The U.S. Forest Service lets some blazes burn. California officials say that practices should be updated as blazes explode, partly because of climate change.
Progressives and climate hawks are clamoring for more money for transit and electric vehicles as the Senate considers its bipartisan infrastructure deal, fearing there won’t be another opportunity to get the extra dollars later.

Couples in romantic relationships often don't have the same beliefs or behaviors surrounding climate change. But that's an opportunity for people who are concerned about climate change and favor climate action to convince their partners to adopt these viewpoints, a new study has found.

"i could not have predicted this," says Vernice Miller-Travis, who gathered data for a seminal 1987 study, "toxic wastes and race in the United States."

The naturalist Stephen Moss finally achieved his aim to see all 61 of the UK's butterfly species. But those that thrive on the margins could vanish as temperatures rise.

Places that used to experience infrequent heatwaves, or no heatwaves at all, are, due to climate change, seeing extreme temperatures more and more – and that could increase rapidly.

US President Joe Biden spoke Friday with governors of several western US states where severe wildfires are devastating communities, telling them the crisis highlights the urgent need for action to stem climate change.

US senators were expected to move forward on Sunday on a $1tn package for roads, rail lines and other infrastructure, with text of a bill due to be delivered.

Photographs taken recently by Whatcom County residents show dramatic changes on Mount Baker, illustrating the effects of both weather and climate change.

Droughts, wildfires and other extreme events fueled by climate change have put grid operators in the Western U.S. under pressure.
From California to Oregon, a tiny insect is transforming forests with a little help from climate change.

The Third Pole travelled to different regions of Bangladesh to record how local musicians capture environmental and climate change impacts on their lives and livelihoods.

Authorities evacuated dozens of villages in tourist areas in southern Turkey on Sunday as wildfires that have claimed six lives raged for the fifth day, while Greece, Italy and Spain were also hit by blazes.

A 2,624-year-old bald cypress could teach us how to fight climate change – if it doesn't get destroyed first.

The UK's target of reducing emissions to net zero by 2050 is "too far away" to be the sole focus of attention, the government's spokesperson for COP26 has said.

Oregon enacted one of the most aggressive energy laws in the country this week, echoing President Biden's plans to decarbonize the grid and creating a litmus test for 100% clean electricity.

Climate change, smoking and long term impact of Covid-19 pandemic could spurt an increase in lung cancer cases, according to experts.

The $550 billion infrastructure package that moved through Congress this week stops short of President Biden's ambitions but could still have broad ramifications for U.S. renewables, natural gas and the president's clean energy agenda.

In the small village of Kacarlar, on Turkey's southern coast, farmers are facing apocalyptic scenes as wildfires continue to sweep the country.

Whether China can free itself from its decades-old addiction to coal will determine not just its own environmental future, but also – and more crucially – Earth’s prospects in the face of the gathering climate crisis. Worryingly, the country’s previous forward momentum now appears to have shifted into reverse.