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Today, 15 percent of Southern Utes living on the reservation in southwest Colorado don’t have running water in their homes at all.
While the state is flush with record fossil fuel revenues, key legislators oppose full funding of state agencies that police the industry.
Buildings with the highest U.K. performance ratings are using far more energy than those with the lowest ratings, according to recent data. It’s a disparity that shows the limitations of current green building standards.
For months, a group of youthful climate activists have waged a battle to halt a Portland highway expansion — and turn U.S. transportation policy around. 
One airline says it may need to fly 18,000 “poorly booked” flights this winter but the European Union disputes that figure.
Mental resiliency could be harder to rebuild than a house or business in places that have experienced multiple disasters, study suggests.
For the first time since 1994, the government must update energy-efficiency standards for manufactured houses. Some, however, have already been finding workarounds.
Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee previously grilled the chief executives of the four oil and gas companies, as well as two trade associations they fund, at a blockbuster six-hour hearing in October.
A Trump administration weakening of climate rules has kept incandescent bulbs on store shelves, and research shows they’re concentrated in shops serving poorer areas.
Utility regulators have proposed slashing the incentives homeowners receive to install solar panels, a long-sought goal of utilities and labor unions.
Jonathan Pershing, a veteran diplomat, worked to reassert the U.S. role in global negotiations. He said he was optimistic that the world will avert climate catastrophe.
The Texas coast may have better winds for offshore wind development, but it’s Louisiana’s political winds that are drawing the interest of the industry’s two biggest players.
More farmers are using cover crops, soil additives and crops suitable for drip irrigation in order to weather the drought.
Norco, an indie adventure game about an oil town menaced by global warming, is a striking contribution to American landscape art.
Decades-old laws that protect car dealers are keeping the U.S. stuck in the gas-powered past.

Russia’s Marine Rescue Service describes the unprecedented salvage operation as "extremely difficult" as ice was rapidly building up on the structures of the barges in the freezing cold polar night.

After the Trump administration rushed through the Willow Project in its waning days, a federal judge temporarily halted development pending additional review. Environmentalists want Biden to kill Willow once and for all.

Lisa Goddard helped show government agencies around the world how to predict upcoming droughts, flooding and other extreme weather events.

As economic activity has resumed, so has pollution. After dramatic reductions in 2020, U.S. emission rates soared by more than 6% last year and are expected to continue rising as the economy reaches higher levels of normalcy.

Maryland’s report card, which was released Friday, gives the state an overall grade of B-minus. However, the review outlined several shortfalls that could lead to more significant damage.

Urban renewal plans see mature trees of great environmental import cut down across Israel, and activists warn of long-term damage

Ancient bog lands labelled some of the UKs most important are set for further restoration work to help tackle climate change and boost biodiversity.

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are leading a multi-institution collaboration focused on better understanding the impact that flood events, rising tides and changes in sea levels can have on trees, plants, soil and water.

In the Netherlands, more people are living and working in buildings that float. The amphibious structures are built along shorelines and connected to utilities while gently floating to accommodate rising sea levels and more frequent flooding.

Republican governors are confronting rising sea levels and wildfires as concern increases. “We’re not doing any left-wing stuff,” Florida’s Ron DeSantis says.

Varshini Prakash spoke to Salon about "To the End," which tracks her efforts and that of AOC and two other eco-activists.

Journalist Michael Kinsley famously added a twist to American politics when he redefined a "gaffe" as when "a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn't supposed to say." As the Rev. Neil Elliot of the Anglican Church of Canada discovered, this term also applies to religious leaders.

In the doomsday smash and Bo Burnham’s pandemic musical “Inside,” themes of climate change, digital distraction and inequality merge and hit home.

When the oil company Enbridge sought to build its Line 3 pipeline through northern Minnesota, it faced opposition from Indigenous-led water protectors. The company moved to coordinate with local police as they cracked down on the resistance.

Florida is scrambling to prevent another horrific year of starvation deaths among the beloved mammals

We are in the middle of not one, but two pandemics. The less obvious one is climate change. Even the Pentagon regards it as a threat to our national security.

The Arctic sea ice has suffered devastating loss and has shrunk to its second lowest on record. Melting sea ice is just one of many signs of a warming climate in the North. Emanuela Campanella explains how climate change is rapidly transforming the Arctic Circle.

Back in the heady days of 1999, NBC gave activist filmmaker Michael Moore an unprecedented opportunity to take on corporate America.

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Ballooning cost overruns and construction delays at Georgia Power Co.’s  Vogtle nuclear project threaten to cost the state’s electricity consumers  billions of dollars in the decades to come, a new think tank report concludes. The report, from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, a nonprofit advancing a sustainable energy economy, builds a case […]
One heat reading on Thursday equaled the highest temperature on record in the Southern Hemisphere.