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Environmental racism has plagued communities of color for decades.

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Environmental activists have lambasted a plan by the Indonesian government to use bricks made from coal ash as building blocks for coral transplant projects.

Poverty and climate change weigh heavily on the lives of many people in El Salvador. Droughts, floods and storms frequently destroy livelihoods. The organization CESTA works to ensure a more sustainable future.

Informed by the lessons of the pandemic, Alaskans are making investments and using research and design to build a healthier future in rural and remote areas.

Two leading Sámi politicians pay visit to ST1 as opposition to the energy company's Davvi project mounts in the indigenous community.

Amid pesticide contamination and land evictions, tribal leaders say their villages in Paraguay are at a crisis point.

Here’s what I’ve learned being up close and personal with the debate.

Internal government documents show Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia worked in opposition to proposed regulations to crack down on contaminated wastewater from coal mines.

A leak of the newest industry PR offensive reveals an effort to steer attention away from pollution and toward the potential of carbon capture.

An environmental advocacy group says it has found concerning levels of "forever chemicals" in the Winooski River just downstream from the polluted Vermont Air National Guard base in South Burlington.

I'm a Black woman with a doctorate in environmental health. For six years, I was the only Black doctoral student in my department.

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Dr. Lariah Edwards joins the Agents of Change in Environmental Justice podcast to discuss how inadequate and outdated chemical regulation is leaving us all exposed to harmful compounds in our makeup, food wrappers, and other products.

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The port city of Mariupol battles pollution from iron and steel plants decades out of date, but activists are making headway.

It’s not enough to plant trees in cities. They need to grow in communities where access to nature has long been ignored.
The Biden administration’s efforts to correct historic wrongs are being contested by white farmers and banks. Congress might have a path forward.
Parts of the Arctic could become dominated by rain rather than snow during certain seasons by 2060 or 2070, according to new findings published in the journal Nature, particularly if the Earth continues to warm at its current rate.

Soy una mujer negra con un doctorado en salud ambiental. Durante seis años, fui la única estudiante de doctorado negra en mi departamento.

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A small, willfully misunderstood earmark in the Build Back Better Act is in fact a response to a mortal threat.
As new COVID-19 variants such as Omicron emerge, it’s more important than ever that world leaders address COVID, conflict and climate change in Africa.

Predominately Black and brown communities are five times more likely than the general population to live within half a mile of a toxic site that could flood by 2050.

Birch Community Services in Portland, Oregon, takes a radical approach to rescuing food, reducing food waste, and helping people manage their money—and futures.
Restrictions on single-use bags are expected to disproportionately impact women-owned businesses that sell sachets of clean water on city streets. 

A movement to add “Green Amendments” to state constitutions could help protect environmental rights around the country.

Sims is in the vanguard of young land stewards who embrace farming not just as a means of production, but to cultivate sustainable relationships with the natural world.
Saying ‘no fares’ could make public transit better and streets safer, while speeding up climate and justice progress. Who’s onboard?
Refugees fleeing weather-related disasters are changing the political equation in Florida, Virginia, California, Idaho and beyond.
Raw throats, burning eyes, strong acid smells. Air monitoring that showed chemicals linked to leukemia. Barbara Weckesser and her neighbors told regulators that air pollution was making them sick. The law let them ignore her.
It wouldn’t just worsen air quality; it also would contribute to climate change.

The long-awaited Interior Department document comes days after Biden authorized a release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to combat rising gasoline prices.

Dangerous mining conditions plague Congo, home to the world’s largest supply of cobalt, a key ingredient in electric cars. A leadership battle threatens reforms.
Clean power supply is being generated in upstate New York, but it is not making its way to New York City, the area that relies most heavily on power from fossil fuels.
When Hurricane Ida blew through lower Jefferson Parish in late August, it brought wind, rain and surge. What it left behind was mud — lots and lots of mud.

RCMP tear down Gitxsan rail blockade in New Hazelton, B.C., while people across Canada organize in support of land defenders.

The auditor general took 489 pages to lay out how Ontario's environment ministry is neglecting its own laws, ignoring polluters and keeping secrets. We read them all.

The Great Lakes are a freshwater ecosystem rich with aquatic life, but researchers warn of one dying breed — Ontario fishermen who were once prominent fixtures in their coastal communities.

Billions of dollars in new funding announced this year have raised hopes that the initiative to combat desertification will gain momentum, but experts and the reality on the ground point to money being far from the only hurdle.