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Environmental racism has plagued communities of color for decades.

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The A's filed the suit in August against the California DTSC for an alleged "failure to impose and enforce environmental law."

Why 50 years of bitumen mining will add up to a money loser for taxpayers.

Although not the farmer, Sen. Tom McInnis of Richmond County owns the land for a proposed poultry farm near Goldston in Chatham County.

About 1,000 mostly young activists demanded carbon neutrality by 2030, protection of migrant rights and the defunding and demilitarization of police services.

There's been a lot of hand-wringing since the news broke over dangerous contaminants. Now, one person has decided to do something about it.

A newly formed group of sick farmers is demanding immediate government action to regulate pesticide use, and to protect workers ill from exposure.

Across the globe, anti-Indigenous organizations and sympathizers work to undermine the collective rights of Indigenous peoples. This collection of reports reveals some of the most common attacks Indigenous communities face today.

Young voters are intimately aware that they will be forced to bear the full effects of climate change—and they’re voting with that in mind.

Three House Democrats are questioning the Environmental Protection Agency's decision to postpone a training that was part of a series on environmental inequity faced by communities of color and low-income communities last month.

Elders have long played a key role in the conservation movement. Tampa Bay seniors are using their resources and time to combat climate change together.
Former students are taking illegal and often dangerous jobs in India and other developing countries, potentially rolling back years of progress in social mobility and public health.

The president vowed to help the industry, but it continues shrinking despite his cuts to regulations.

Public Integrity analysis found 43% of nearly 2 million front-line farm and processing workers nationwide are immigrants — mostly Latino and many non-citizens.

The closed Alcoa aluminum plant on the Texas Gulf Coast is among 945 Superfund locations imperiled by intensifying hurricanes, floods, storms surges and wildfires.

An analysis of communities in the Golden Horseshoe region found race impacts where trees are planted and who takes part in tree planting.

"Black in Microbiology, Black in Neuro and all the others are pivotal for visibility to younger generations of scientists and to people who have said or thought that this talent pool just does not exist."

The party leadership’s attempt at a bipartisan boost for renewables won only seven Republican votes and alienated progressives, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
One year after organizing a walkout, employees are calling for a more ambitious environmental agenda.
"If you drive here at certain times of night, it smells like death."

Ten years ago, fed up with floating litter everywhere and frequent whiffs of sewage, Baltimore launched a “Healthy Harbor" campaign.

Experts call the process “bioremediation” and many scientists were/are studying natural ways to break down the chemical bonds of PCBs. So for the longest time, I/we hoped that someone would find a way for substances like alfalfa or everlasting pea, or magic mushrooms or the excretions of earthworms to organically solve the PCB problem.

The time for legislative maneuvering and the escaping of accountability for this environmental hazard, has passed.

Whether Cooke Aquaculture's plan to raise native steelhead at fish farms in Puget Sound is a simple business transition or a complex threat to the marine ecosystem is being debated.

The E.P.A. will tout a new rule on testing lead in drinking water as President Trump's latest environmental achievement, but water experts see only modest improvements at best.
Charity says world’s fast-shrinking carbon budget should be used to improve lot of poorest

Peter Dykstra and Living on Earth's Jenni Doering take a look at nurdles, tiny pellets of plastic that are turning up on coasts around the world. Then, the pair travel to the South African town of Ermelo, where coal miners are trying to switch to solar farms.

Two years and two weeks after the Revolution pipeline slid down a steep hill in Center Township and burst into flames, its owner has begun the process of repair.

The outcome of the race will say much about what kind of Democratic Party will be confronting climate change in the years ahead.
A plan to import hydropower from Canada to Massachusetts begs the question of whether big hydro along with its reservoirs and dams, is green enough to be worth the cost.
The endorsement from 350 Action is the latest sign the former veep's move to boost his climate plan's ambition is winning over skeptical progressives.
In Virginia, members of the Monacan tribe are embroiled in a battle over plans to build a water pumping station on a site they believe is their ancestral capital.

Let's build a new economy that better serves people and planet.

The food activist and co-founder of the I-Collective sees the work of his elders as the foundation for promoting economic, racial, and environmental justice.

Changes to polling places in the wake of floods adds confusion for voters already preoccupied with reconstructing their lives in the wake of the disaster.