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Environmental racism has plagued communities of color for decades.

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A lawsuit has put the spotlight on coal plants like the Santee Cooper run Winyah station near Georgetown.

Under the terms of the proposed agreement, PPG Industries would pay out $5 million to certain Jersey City property owners in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood.

Amid debates over deforestation, and its causes and solutions, it's easy to forget one crucial component of forest stewardship: the Indigenous people who often live there.

Issues like climate change, economic inequity and access to food have brought more attention to this creamy fruit and its resilient tree.
How one Illinois family's backyard hoop house put them at odds with city officials.
Case in point: Virginia should reconsider allowing a massive landfill to be built near a historic Black school.

When Gordon Dalzell learned the Irving Oil refinery's air quality permit was up for review, he got to work.

Canyon de Chelly, part of Navajo Nation lands in Arizona, has been suffering from worsening droughts.
As COVID-19 disproportionately devastates Black communities, seven in ten African Americans say people are treated unfairly based on race or ethnicity when they seek medical care.

A man who protested against a mining development in Honduras was shot and killed inside his home last week.

A bill to reform the Department of Toxic Substances Control has been a long time coming, but will Governor Newsom sign it?
The White House has dismantled major climate and environmental policies focused on clean air, water, wildlife and toxic chemicals. Here’s how it adds up.
Scientists are still grappling with the complex puzzle of how these toxic chemicals are moving through the environment.
Tickets were three bucks. Joni brought her new boyfriend. And a movement was born.
Ramón Cruz, a Brooklyn activist originally from Puerto Rico, is the first Latino to head the country’s oldest and largest environmental organization.

When Donnel Baird was in his twenties, he had twin passions, and he didn't want to choose between them. "I vowed that I was going to try to combine my passion for Black civil rights with trying to do something about climate change," he says.

As recently as 2008 the GOP acknowledged that the Earth's warming was caused by human activity, and a commitment was made to reducing the nation's long-term use of fossil fuels. By the end of President Barack Obama's first term, however, the GOP completely reversed its position.

Another lawsuit has been filed against DuPont and Chemours over the discharge of Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from the Fayetteville Works plant — this time by North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein.

There is only one truly serious political problem facing all of us today, and that is climate change.

How Biden could use the powers of the presidency to protect vulnerable communities and hold fossil fuel companies accountable.

Shale gas production does not occur in California. So, what type of fracking happens here?

As the election nears, young Americans are calling on US politicians to take action on climate, police brutality and immigration.

Experts say they require specialized planning, with blueprints for how all people — especially those with disabilities — can get to safety. But Pa.’s plan for preparedness passes the buck.
The recent gathering shows the data is beginning to point to connections between housing prices and the changing climate.
Looking at every intervention available to us, researchers have found the best combination of policies to feed everyone on the planet. And the price tag is quite low.
If we want to get past “woke capitalism,” this is what it’ll take to get companies to an equitable relationship with both workers and society.
The coronavirus has created a unique crisis for impoverished agriculture workers.
Amazon has pledged to offset carbon emissions—while donating generously to Republicans who are bent on letting the planet burn.

Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for governor, threatens the state's unique angler-access regulations.

B.C. First Nations voluntarily closed their food fishery or limited the catch for two decades to help rebuild salmon populations. This year, those sacrifices are paying off

Serious geotechnical issues and the project's escalating cost make the dam uneconomical, according to two new reports that call for the newly elected government to cancel it immediately.

High levels of the so-called “forever chemicals" have been found in the Aullwood Audubon Farm Discovery Center's drinking water system, the Ohio EPA announced Thursday.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved for use in government road construction projects a substance that has been regulated due to radioactivity. 
Environmentalists are sounding the alarm over Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s comments this week casting doubt on the science of climate change, saying her remarks should disqualify her from sitting on the Supreme Court.