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Environmental racism has plagued communities of color for decades.

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Criminal charges and a class-action settlement may seem like the last chapter in Flint’s story, but many of the most important reforms at the root of the city’s water crisis remain undone.

A previously undisclosed expert analysis, obtained through a freedom of information request, details how Alberta's efforts to prevent waterfowl from landing on tailings ponds 'maximizes the appearance of bird protection while appearing to impede actual bird protection.'

Despite a long list of supremely qualified people who could inspire a whole new generation of scientists, the glass ceiling in American science remains intact.

Environmental justice activists hope that the Biden administration will focus on an often-overlooked issue: environmental racism.

A judge granted preliminary approval Thursday to a $641 million deal that would benefit thousands of Flint residents who were harmed by lead-contaminated water.

As the BlueGreen Alliance gears up for a big staff expansion, debates around carbon capture, natural gas, and nuclear energy resurface.
Under a Biden administration, what will become of Trump’s partially constructed border wall — and the communities and ecosystems that live around it? 
President Biden is already unwinding Donald Trump’s environmental legacy, while forging his own. The Washington Post is chronicling every step.

At the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, investors are now able to speculate on water prices. This practice, meant to help secure supplies for cities and farmers, has drawn criticism.

In one fell swoop, President Biden is undoing his predecessor's most harmful work on public lands, climate change, clean air and water, and environmental justice.

One in six people directly exposed to the oil spill in Mauritius last summer are now reporting serious medical conditions just six months on. The fuel was manufactured by BP and was an experimental 'low-sulfur' ship fuel never before spilled in the ocean.
U.S. District Court Judith E. Levy’s opinion and order is 72-page document issued Thursday, Jan. 21.
U.S. District Court Judge Judith Levy granted preliminary approval Thursday to the $641-million settlement agreement over the Flint water crisis.
Lead and copper rule revision among numerous Trump EPA actions put on a “freeze” by the new administration.

Agency allows use of pesticide and antibiotic to fight citrus greening and canker diseases.

When Cheyenne Foote heard that President Joe Biden blocked the Keystone XL pipeline permit on his first day in office, she cried.

In a remote town in Brazil's Bahia state, a health and environmental disaster linked to industrial pollution has been going on for decades.

A newly released report issued by the Texas State Department of Health found the number of cases of leukemia in children was significantly higher in one census tract in particular, a stretch of land where state environmental records show a toxic plume is located beneath more than 100 homes.

Shalanda Baker discusses energy justice and her new book, "Revolutionary Power: An Activist's Guide to the Energy Transition."
President Biden's wave of executive actions includes an order to reexamine one controversial, but widely used, pesticide called chlorpyrifos. The Trump administration kept it on the market.

Tribes and environmentalists hail decision to cancel Keystone XL pipeline but call on president to go further.

The N.C. Division of Air Quality granted Smithfield Foods and Dominion Energy one of the permits they need to move forward in completing a controversial project to create natural gas by using hog waste in Sampson and Duplin County.

Opinion | Financial incentives to recycle spent electric vehicle batteries are eroding. That could spell environmental disaster.
A new report shines a light on the low-quality food served to 2.3 million people behind bars in the U.S. Healthier food is possible—and on the agenda in some prisons.

With Democratic control of the Presidency and Congress, water programs could receive more attention.

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shares the incoming president’s climate change agenda, the Canadian leader is also a pipeline proponent.
The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office found that some salmon species are “on the brink of extinction.” Habitat loss, climate change and other factors are to blame, it said.

Environmentalists have attributed recent heavy floods in southern Indonesian Borneo to widespread deforestation for oil palm plantations and coal mines.

Financial markets respond swiftly and definitively when multinationals are publicly named in connection with the assassination of an environmental defender.

The President has almost certainly settled one of this country’s greatest environmental battles, but he will also get to help decide the fates of two other critical fossil-fuel projects.
U.S. President Joe Biden revoked the permit for Calgary-based TC Energy's Keystone XL pipeline after being sworn in as the 46th U.S. president on Wednesday, something Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said was an "insult" to Canada.
As U.S. President Donald Trump departs office, he leaves a legacy of deregulation and diplomatic missteps in the Arctic region.

Biden administration rolls out a flurry of executive orders aimed at tackling climate crisis.

Joe Biden will impose a “temporary moratorium on all oil and natural gas leasing activities” in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge upon taking office, his transition team says.