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A nonprofit organization in Hawaii partnered with a Texas energy company to convert 1.2 million bottle caps into oil this month, an initiative aimed at alleviating the islands' plastic problem.

The Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency has filed a lawsuit against 3M company, Chemours, DuPont and several other companies, for their roles in introducing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances into the water supply in Santa Clarita.

Now that the nation's eye is on racial justice, the Environmental and Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler has discovered that he wants "to solve the environmental justice issues we face today."

An analysis of air pollution and pandemic data conducted by multiple science institutions has found that long-term exposure to pollutants could be linked to 15% of coronavirus deaths worldwide.

Environmental groups pledge legal action to challenge the decision.

Barbara Szalai wasn’t worried about moving upriver from a coal plant. Then sticky black dust started coating her home, and the headaches and allergies began.

New Hampshire filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the agrochemical giant Monsanto over what it says has been widespread PCB pollution in the state.

A California team will use a robotic vehicle to study tiny seafloor creatures, hoping they might yield new compounds to fight viruses and cancer.

Global carbon emissions from energy use dropped 8 percent in 2020 due to coronavirus-related economic shutdowns — a decline equal to two-and-a-half years of energy sector emissions, according to a new report.

Delicate work aims to fill a void in New Mexico before it collapses, but it’s a more expensive problem than expected.

The pandemic has set off a wave of health care nationalism. POLITICO's Global Translations podcast explores how that's shaping the vaccine race.

A survivor of the five-day smog crisis in Pennsylvania recalls: "We all knew the air was bad. We didn't realize it was going to kill people."
Since you didn't have enough to worry about already.

Despite Tajikistan's natural water wealth, according to a 2018 UN study, Tajikistan ranks 156th among 177 countries in the world in terms of its population's access to drinking water.

The EPA scrapped the Obama-era rules controlling methane emissions. The fracking-friendly move will also result in the release of hazardous air pollutants linked to cancer.
The son of a coal miner, he built a sprawling company, fought government regulations and wielded considerable political influence as a Trump ally.
And other tales of hives and honeybees in the City of Light.

The Indonesian government's plan for massive crop plantations across the country has raised concerns about community disenfranchisement and the loss of rainforests.

Joe Biden's plan to address environmental justice is historic, ambitious, and has no competition from Trump — but we should push it to be even better.

Frequent flier Tim Neville heads to the ranchlands of Montana to see what an offset looks like on the ground. Hint: it involves cows.

A guide to key ballot measures and Senate and House races that will have huge impacts on the way we address climate change.

To reduce carbon emissions, electric vehicles need to stay on the road as long as possible. That means developing a robust trade in secondhand cars.

Some residents hope mining could again lift the economy of Crowsnest Pass; others worry about consequences.

Norwegian legislators in 2013 officially opened up for drilling in waters adjacent to the country's maritime border to Russia. They did not know about the government report that concluded drilling in the area was most probably unprofitable.

Exclusive: expedition discovers new source of greenhouse gas off East Siberian coast has been triggered.

The Trump administration has finalized its plans, upsetting environmentalists by creeping toward protected territory within the reserve.

Diesel locomotives to soon become thing of the past in India. Railways, according to an estimate, will save a whopping Rs 2,000 crore annually.

Singapore has taken another step towards sustainable public transport, with the deployment of the first 10 fully electric double-decker buses.

'Forest floor' playgrounds at daycare centres in Finland promoted diverse communities of friendly bacteria that enhance young immune systems.
Who knew that black licorice had a dark side? A scientist explains when this treat becomes a threat.
One thing keeps plaguing tokamaks. We may now know the solution.
Living within 12 miles of a fracking site could make you sick, scientists say.

The risk of catching the coronavirus on an airplane can be significantly reduced if travelers wash their hands frequently, wear masks at all times, and if airlines clean and sanitize planes thoroughly and ensure there is a constant flow of air throughout the cabin - even when the plane is parked

The Carmichael mega-mine is set to devastate what's left of the fragile Great Barrier Reef, as well as destroy First Nations Australians' ancestral lands.

80% of the imported vehicles failed to meet minimum safety and environmental standards in exporting countries.