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Dr Colm Byrne, from the Irish Doctors for the Environment told the Joint Committee on Environment and Climate Action, that air pollution from cars affects respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Predominately Black and brown communities are five times more likely than the general population to live within half a mile of a toxic site that could flood by 2050.

To encourage public participation in Delhi's fight against pollution, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee has released a list of dos and don’ts that people can follow according to the air quality of the city at any point of time.

The USGS wants to better understand how aquifers are being used and the impact of saltwater intrusion, agency scientists said.

The failure of California’s “Rigs to Reefs” program, an effort to transform oil platforms into underwater artificial reefs, stands as a cautionary tale to those who have called for a drilling ban.

Coal piles at power plants have dwindled to their lowest point since the 1970s, and the race to build up inventories ahead of heating season has sent domestic thermal coal prices to their highest levels in more than a decade.
The commodities giant is the last of the world’s large miners to retain a presence in thermal coal, a currently lucrative business but one seen by some as harmful to the environment.

The port city of Mariupol battles pollution from iron and steel plants decades out of date, but activists are making headway.

Billions of these tiny plastic pellets are floating in the ocean, causing as much damage as oil spills, yet they are still not classified as hazardous.

Every year, a group of scientists and conservation practitioners led by William Sutherland, professor of conservation biology at the University of Cambridge, creates and publishes a “horizon scan” of global trends with impacts for biodiversity.

Troubling news about toxics in our food grows daily, with chemicals and metals of concern contaminating popular products from Skittles to Pop Tarts.

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A program that primarily funded highways during the Trump administration has pivoted away from roads in its new disbursement, marking a potential shift in infrastructure spending. 
Restrictions on single-use bags are expected to disproportionately impact women-owned businesses that sell sachets of clean water on city streets. 
Jessica Cisneros is mounting another primary challenge against Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Tex.), this time targeting fossil fuel industry donations.
Supporters of nuclear energy say it can help us wean our economies off polluting fossil fuels. No surprise, it's a heated issue. But what about the facts? Can nuclear power really help save the climate?

A movement to add “Green Amendments” to state constitutions could help protect environmental rights around the country.

The Massachusetts community's Select Board voted unanimously this week to join with other towns, public utilities, colleges, counties, states and even airports from across the country in suing the manufacturers of a chemical group known as PFAS for its impact on water supplies.

The degree to which the world depends on oil and gas is not well understood.

Billions of tiny plastic pellets are floating in the ocean, causing as much damage as oil spills, yet they are still not classified as hazardous.

As coal mines and power plants close across the U.S., many climate hawks envision a new generation of renewable energy facilities rising from the ashes of America’s coal fields. Reality is more complex.

The cost of environmental degradation on Greater Cairo alone amounts to US$47 billion annually, from waste, vehicle and factory exhaust and the use of fossil fuels, Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad says.

Natural-gas processing plants in West Virginia and around the country will soon have to start publicly reporting the chemicals they release, according to new regulations announced by the EPA.

Expressing deep concern at the worsening air pollution in the capital, India's Supreme Court said if the state governments do not comply with the directions issued by the Centre and the air quality management commission to curb air pollution, then it will set up a task force for the implementation of these directions.

State environmental regulators are proposing a $3 million fine for the Hyundai Glovis Co. logistics and shipping firm after a cargo ship carrying vehicles capsized and polluted ocean waters off the Georgia coast.

UK farmers may have to reduce the number of animals they keep because of the critical state of some river catchments, a pollution expert from the government’s environment watchdog has said.

NAPA, Calif.—Sonny, a 10-month old, crawls through the tunnel of a playground surrounded by fresh cedar wood chips as the sun sets in October. His 4-year-old sister, Lenny, climbs the rungs of the jungle gym as their parents, Rebecca and Omar Chowaiki, keep watch.

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A plastic additive used to make IV bags and tubing pliable interferes with breast cancer treatment, increasing mortality and the likelihood the cancer will return.

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Review of safety studies shows vast majority do not meet international standards for scientific validity.

Raw throats, burning eyes, strong acid smells. Air monitoring that showed chemicals linked to leukemia. Barbara Weckesser and her neighbors told regulators that air pollution was making them sick. The law let them ignore her.
It wouldn’t just worsen air quality; it also would contribute to climate change.

The long-awaited Interior Department document comes days after Biden authorized a release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to combat rising gasoline prices.

While wind and solar ramp up, several countries, including France and Britain, are looking to expand their nuclear energy programs. Germany and others aren’t so enthusiastic.
Dangerous mining conditions plague Congo, home to the world’s largest supply of cobalt, a key ingredient in electric cars. A leadership battle threatens reforms.
A “Frankenstein mix” of mutations raises concerns, but the variant may remain vulnerable to current vaccines. If not, revisions will be necessary.

The auditor general took 489 pages to lay out how Ontario's environment ministry is neglecting its own laws, ignoring polluters and keeping secrets. We read them all.

A Russian court on Saturday ordered five people to remain in pre-trial detention for two months pending an investigation into a devastating blast in a coal mine in Siberia that resulted in dozens of deaths.