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Pittsburgh is not the opposite of Paris.

The report says DEP is allowing dozens of miles of streambeds to be damaged from longwall coal mining in southwestern Pa.
A climate scientist spent years trying to get people to pay attention to the disaster ahead. His wife is exhausted. His older son thinks there’s no future. And nobody but him will use the outdoor toilet he built to shrink his carbon footprint.
Ohio Valley officials see promise and pitfalls in President Biden's plan to put billions into clean energy, infrastructure and economic aid.
We’re on the cusp of transitioning to electric vehicles—if Biden and Congress take the right steps.

Washington state's redoubled climate goals and fresh action plan revive hope to cut emissions. But ongoing fossil fuel development in BC could undercut Cascadia's progress.

A global dam-building binge that spanned the early- to mid-20th century is now reaching a turning point, according to a report published by the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment, and Health.

Micromobility company Lime is partnering with commuting benefits provider Edenred in anticipation of the post-pandemic surge in two-wheeled office treks. 
The move may be the beginning of a more permanent ban promised by Biden.
A study of war crimes against nature, a guide for surviving climate change and a call for direct action against fossil fuels.
Project developers may have found their inspiration in Berlevåg, the nearby Norwegian town.
It’s time to finish what the Obama administration started. It’s time to finish off coal.
Wood produces large amounts of carbon for each unit of energy it produces, and forests take decades to regrow and absorb that carbon—decades we don’t have.

B.C. collects far more money from tobacco taxes than natural gas royalties. The credit program is a big reason why.

Those hoping new United States President Joe Biden would make action on climate change one of his top priorities would have been cheered by the flurry of activity from his first days in office.

U.S. President Joe Biden's administration next week will release more policies it believes are needed to tackle climate change and is urging China to toughen one of its targets on greenhouse gas emissions, his top climate advisers have said.

The trainwreck of 2020 was not limited to a global community hit by the worst pandemic in a century. The Australian environment fared no better.

The election of Joe Biden and the subsequent twin Senate election victories in Georgia, which gave Democrats a narrow majority in both houses of Congress, have raised hopes that the next four years will see substantial investment in renewable energy, storage technology and electric-vehicle infrastructure.

If adults hope to make serious progress on the climate change crisis by 2030, they should aim for carbon neutrality.

Extinction Rebellion Scotland have called for Scots to take action on air pollution. The organisation have asked for the public to put pressure on MPs to support an amendment to the Environment Bill on January 26.

Michael Regan comes from a small city in North Carolina that illustrates the racial and economic disparities across America. Climate change is making them worse.

The events of Jan. 6 put in stark relief the worst of America. But from where I sit in Oregon today, thinking about the beauty of our public lands, the peace and majesty of our old-growth forests and the life-giving waters of our rivers, I also see hope.

The new president signed executive orders on inauguration day aimed at embedding equity across the government and rolling back Trump's anti-environment legacy.

American efforts to curb climate change have long avoided measures that would rein in the production of oil and gas, instead relying on reducing consumption of fossil fuels in power plants and automobiles. This dichotomy allowed the nation to catapult into place as the world’s top oil and gas producer, even as domestic greenhouse gas […]
Buttigieg endorsed moving to a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) system as a presidential candidate.
President Biden took executive actions yesterday repealing the Keystone XL pipeline permit, rejoining the Paris climate accord and reviewing energy rules across federal agencies. What's next?

A previously undisclosed expert analysis, obtained through a freedom of information request, details how Alberta's efforts to prevent waterfowl from landing on tailings ponds 'maximizes the appearance of bird protection while appearing to impede actual bird protection.'

Environmental justice activists hope that the Biden administration will focus on an often-overlooked issue: environmental racism.
While several state business lobbying groups panned the carbon pricing proposal, major companies said it will offer a fair pathway to cleaner energy.   
As the BlueGreen Alliance gears up for a big staff expansion, debates around carbon capture, natural gas, and nuclear energy resurface.
As the pandemic hit the fossil fuel industry, renewable energy projects filled community coffers.
The new president spent much of his first day in office signing orders, staffing up departments and laying plans for the days ahead.
President Biden is already unwinding Donald Trump’s environmental legacy, while forging his own. The Washington Post is chronicling every step.
The Transportation Department, which holds sway over planes, trains and automobiles, faces limits on how it spends money. Still, here are five possible steps.
President Biden has promised to reinstate more than 100 rules and regulations aimed at environmental protection that his predecessor rolled back. It won’t happen overnight.