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Particulate matter pollution emitted by Pennsylvania's fracking wells killed about 20 people between 2010 and 2017, according to a soon-to-be-published study.

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Critics say taxpayers are still not protected as the province readies for a fracking boom to supply the LNG Canada project.

Elon Musk has a chance to create the world's first “circular car.”

With a boom in wind power and a drop in carbon-dioxide emissions, the U.K. has found success in clean energy.

The federal government would like companies to incentivize driving to work - preferably alone. The guidelines counter what scads of public health and environmental programs have pushed for decades.

Ridership has tanked. How to get it back rather than underuse billions in infrastructure.

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit a new record in May, as the accumulation of the warming gas increased despite the brief environmental respite caused by coronavirus and the global recession.

A settlement with the federal government doesn’t stop environmental groups from suing a coal company owned by West Virginia’s governor over its mine’s alleged discharge of pollutants into nearby waters, a West Virginia federal court ruled, rejecting the company’s motion to dismiss.
The landmark Supreme Court ruling held that greenhouse gases were pollutants that could be regulated by the executive branch. Could it soon be reversed?

The Democratic National Committee Climate Council - which formed to push the party on climate issues - released a set of policy recommendations calling for a greater investment than presumptive nominee Joe Biden's plan.

Shocking images show the catastrophic scale of an Arctic diesel spill that has turned rivers red after 20,000 tonnes of fuel leaked from a Russian power station.

Transport manufacturer Alstom and energy infrastructure firm Snam are to collaborate on the development of hydrogen trains in Italy, the latest example of work being undertaken to integrate the technology into mass-transit systems.

Plastics: we can't live without them, or so it seems.

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Pennsylvania House Speaker Mike Turzai, an outspoken advocate for the state's fossil fuel industry, accepted an $11,000 plane ride last year from a Pittsburgh-area businessman involved in two fracking-related companies.

Living near active oil and gas wells during pregnancy increases the risk of low-birthweight babies, especially in rural areas, according to the largest study of its kind.

The killing of George Floyd in police custody and protests against systemic racism are prompting many green groups to declare their support for racial justice, and one thing to watch now is how this all might influence Joe Biden's platform.

‘We have to end making some communities sacrifice zones.’
Budgets are about to get tight. States and cities should direct money to programs that truly make communities more secure.

Draft controls on methane emissions from oil and gas drilling operations are a big part of Gov. Wolf's climate change initiative.

The furniture giant is trying to remake its own operations to encourage durability, repairability, and resale of used furniture. And now it wants to help other furniture companies do the same.
Forthcoming bankruptcies could allow the largest companies to buy assets on the cheap.
The wind power industry sees an opportunity in allowing windmills to be pushed into deeper water.
There are lessons to be learned — and some benefits already — but it’s complicated. (Of course!)

When burned, the controversial fuel emits black carbon, leaving soot on the icy landscape and contributing exponentially to climate change.

A federal judge has ordered the Trump administration to update its oil spill response plans and potentially limit the use of the chemical dispersants.

GMP says the program will save customers money by allowing the utility to draw on the stored power during peak demand.
Carbon dioxide emissions from new cars in Europe increased for a second consecutive year in 2018, according to data published by the European Union's environment agency on Wednesday, putting carmakers on a collision course with the bloc's climate goals.

Oil and gas company Chevron could be required to pay for offsets worth more than $100m for carbon dioxide emissions released at a delayed carbon capture and storage project in northern Western Australia, an analysis suggests.

The struggles of U.S. shale oil could have implications for the Canadian oil and gas sector, whether it’s on prices or discussions around energy security.
The contractor that directs drilling on the Hibernia oil platform will begin laying workers off June 12, in the wake of a decision to suspend drilling for up to 18 months.