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It has been more than four years since Edward and Alice Mioduski of Loyalhanna Township have been able to drink water from their well near Loyalhanna Lake.

Climate advocates consider the effort one of the core elements of Democrats' attempt to speed the transition toward solar and wind power and slash greenhouse gas emissions.
‘I’ve been hearing all about COP … still don’t know who is coming,’ said the British monarch.

Band announce a range of initiatives to reduce energy consumption, including stadium floors that harness fans' kinetic energy.

Batteries are heavy, and they’re getting heavier. It makes EVs pollute more than they need to, and be more deadly during crashes. But there are solutions.
This African region is far more valuable in its natural state than any oil and gas reserves buried beneath it.
President Biden is unwinding Donald Trump’s environmental legacy, while forging his own. The Washington Post is chronicling every step.
Natural gas prices have skyrocketed, pressuring manufacturers and households with high energy bills.
In the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, government-owned energy companies are increasing oil and natural gas production as U.S. and European companies pare supply because of climate concerns.
Vulture funds have spent $1.1 trillion snapping up energy companies over the past decade.
The conservative Democrat is insisting that Biden’s Build Back Better Act include funding for carbon capture projects. But even the fossil fuel industry admits the tech is a nonfactor in fighting global warming.
In the new scientific (and literal) field of agrivoltaics, researchers are showing how panels can increase yields and reduce water use on a warming planet.
The cabinet of Jonas Gahr Støre is making climate change and the High North top priorities. At the same time, it aims for reduced fuel prices and continued drilling in Arctic waters.
The Russian president says his country intends to make bigger CO2 emission cuts than the EU, and offers new energy partnerships with European leaders. Natural gas from the Arctic is key part of the plan.

President Biden will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican during a trip to Europe for two high-profile global summits, the White House announced.

President Biden will be one of around 120 leaders set to attend the COP26 climate summit, which aims to drive action to curb global warming and avoid its most dangerous impacts.

Industrial gas supplier Air Products announced Thursday it will build a $4.5 billion clean energy facility in Louisiana's capital region.

A new report analyzing data gathered by the TECQ finds the drop stemmed largely from the pandemic-related downturn in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, and rising production in 2021 is already leading to a comparable rise in illegal pollution.

Prince William, second in line to the British throne, has urged people to focus on saving Earth rather than exploring space. He made the remarks as 90-year-old actor William Shatner became the oldest person to fly to the edge of space aboard a rocket operated by Jeff Bezos's company, Blue Origin.

There are grave problems with the transition to clean energy power. The current panic is a reminder that modern life needs abundant energy: without it, bills become unaffordable, homes freeze and businesses stall.

Pennsylvania would be the first major fossil fuel producer to join RGGI, and it poses a crucial test of how the program might affect energy prices as the state seeks to cut emissions, experts say.

Industry responsible for about 8% of CO2 emissions commits to reaching net zero by 2050 without offsetting.

The steel and aviation industries are the first to reveal their pathways to net zero by 2050.
If most of the problem is caused by enormous corporations and slow-moving governments, what am I supposed to do about it? Here’s what.
Even Texas and Wyoming do a better job protecting communities from oil and gas drilling.
The seesaw of protection should end, and only Congress can end it.

By 2035, the chief automakers will have turned away from the internal combustion engine. It'll be up to the grid to fuel all those new cars, trucks and buses.

In his most direct comments to date on the contentious Russian pipeline, President Vladimir V. Putin called it an “obvious” way to relieve Europe’s soaring natural gas prices.
Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced that her agency will formally begin the process of identifying federal waters to lease to wind developers by 2025.
Countries are gathering in an effort to stop a collapse of the natural world that scientists say could equal climate change as an existential crisis.

A new net-zero goal from CenterPoint Energy Inc., a Texas-based utility company, contains an eye-catching 2035 timeline that puts it 15 years ahead of many industry peers. But the pledge to slash greenhouse gas emissions also arrives with asterisks that critics say undermine its value.

A new public attitude survey on climate change shows that the public aren’t as daft as governments sometimes like to think.