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Climate change is a health care issue. Here's what leaders can do about it

We know that climate change is a public health problem—and now, health care leaders are getting a better understanding of how their own organizations are contributing to the problem.

What the Inflation Reduction Act means for healthcare

What the Inflation Reduction Act means for healthcare

The bill would allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, particularly for the most expensive that have been on the market for years.
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Health care is responsible for 7% of our carbon emissions, and there are safe and easy ways this can be reduced

If global health care was a country, it would be the world’s fifth largest emitter. There are simple ways health care can reduce its emissions, starting with scans and gases.

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Embracing a sustainability mindset in healthcare links health systems to safer products for patients and staff and greener operations. Today, it’s a business approach across many global industries.

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Over half of known human pathogenic diseases can be aggravated by climate change

A systematic review shows that >58% of infectious diseases confronted by humanity, via 1,006 unique pathways, have at some point been affected by climatic hazards sensitive to GHGs. These results highlight the mounting challenge for adaption and the urgent need to reduce GHG emissions.

Sustainable kidney care delivery and climate change – a call to action

The delivery of kidney care, particularly haemodialysis treatment, can result in substantial environmental impact through greenhouse emissions, natural resources depletion and waste generation. However, strategies exist to mitigate this impact.

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Respiratory-focused University of Glasgow spin-out secures £1m boost

A University of Glasgow spin-out has secured a £1 million grant that it says will accelerate its technology to treat respiratory diseases coming to market – and help create “life-changing” and more eco-friendly treatments.
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