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Healthcare paradox: How the industry designed to keep us well is also making our planet – and our bodies – sick

Healthcare systems undertake a fundamental and challenging mission: keeping us healthy. But true health and wellbeing extends beyond hospital walls and examination rooms. Our bodies and minds can only be as healthy as the environments that nourish them.

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Reconnecting environment and health

The Covid-19 pandemic highlights the need to protect the environment in order to protect human health.

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Connecting climate change and health in med school

For many Harvard Medical School students, the threat climate change is posing to human health is no longer theoretical. HMS now plans to embed climate change and its health impacts in the MD curriculum.

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Embracing a sustainability mindset in healthcare links health systems to safer products for patients and staff and greener operations. Today, it’s a business approach across many global industries.

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Obesogens: assessing the evidence linking chemicals in food to obesity

The obesogen hypothesis proposes that certain chemicals, called obesogens, influence individual susceptibility to obesity by interfering with metabolic systems that regulate appetite, weight gain, and fat development and distribution, and thereby have contributed to the rise in obesity.

Hospital services to improve nutritional intake and reduce food waste: a systematic review

Patients’ nutritional intake is a crucial issue in hospitals. On the other hand, food waste raises concerns in terms of sustainability and environmental burden. We conducted a systematic review to ascertain which hospital services could overcome both issues.

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Real-time data are needed to monitor health after disasters

Collecting health and exposure data in real time could allow for more agile risk management decision-making and contribute to more accurate studies of how disaster-related exposures affect health.

Cromwell Hospital trials waste gases capture device

Cromwell Hospital has trialled a medical device which captures and recycles waste anaesthetic gases, preventing them from polluting the atmosphere.
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