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Black woman with hair products

Study: Hair products sold in poor and Black neighborhoods more hazardous

A Boston study finds that retail stores in neighborhoods with a higher percentage of residents of color and lower socioeconomic status were more likely to sell hair products with high hazard scores than stores in non-Hispanic white neighborhoods.

Companies are claiming to be 'plastic neutral.' Is it greenwashing?

Companies are claiming to be 'plastic neutral.' Is it greenwashing?

Plastic credits can help fund waste cleanup, but they can also justify making more plastic.

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Embracing a sustainability mindset in healthcare links health systems to safer products for patients and staff and greener operations. Today, it’s a business approach across many global industries.

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Food can literally be addictive, new evidence suggests

Highly processed foods resemble drugs of misuse in a number of disturbing ways.

Syngenta v. scientist

Chemical giant demands private files of neurology expert over journal article about link between paraquat and Parkinson's disease.

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Southeast Asia’s healthcare sustainability struggle lingers post-COVID

The Covid-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on the medical waste generated by stretched hospitals. The healthcare sector's decarbonisation efforts continue to be hampered by cost, habits and a lack of data.

Virtual healthcare has green benefits

The Covid-19 pandemic gave telehealth a massive push. Now healthcare companies are increasingly appreciating its carbon savings.
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