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Climate change is the greatest challenge of our lifetimes. We owe the legacy of a clean, carbon-free energy transition to future generations.

Though climate change is coming for us all, it might be time for our family to think about finding somewhere to live where its effects are less immediate, less terrifying.

Billionaires have carbon footprints hundreds of times higher than the average American. Two scholars tried to put a number on it.
Farmers in India are engaged in nearly the same fight U.S. farmers waged 40 years ago—against the same corporate interests.
Countries’ pledges to meet climate goals are nowhere near what they need to be.
Plastic has become a major part of the carbon cycle, a discovery that has implications for how we tackle climate change.

A cleaner, safer, more resilient energy system is possible. With smart planning and decisions, we can make it a reality.

The energy landscape is changing and Utah must change with it. Now is the time to invest in resilient, renewable energy sources.

Since the days of Emancipation and ‘40 Acres and a Mule,’ land has meant many things to Black families: loss, dreams, injustice—and self-reliance.
A new report pulls back the curtain on how the $1.1 trillion food industry uses trade associations to block public health measures and harm frontline communities and workers of color.
Will the crisis in Texas become the new normal? David Wallace-Wells and Leah Stokes discuss.
Bears Ears is one of the nation’s most compelling and mysterious landscapes and a place of worship for Native Americans.
Climate change guarantees more crises ahead. Relief measures should kick in automatically.
African Americans in California breathe 43 percent higher levels of fine particulate matter pollution (PM2.5) compared to white Californians.
Nord Stream 2, a direct pipeline from Russia to Germany, isn’t going away. Neither is the clamor to cancel it.

The billionaire philanthropist has thrown his wealth at some of the world's most intractable problems, drawing both praise and criticism along the way. His approach to tackling the climate crisis is no different.

Permanently protecting large, mature forests is a faster and cheaper way to stabilize Earth's climate than complex carbon capture and storage schemes, and more effective than planting new trees.
The point is to get people to stop eating meat, not fix their diets.

Alaskans find ourselves torn between our collective dependence on revenue from oil and the environmental damage it is causing.

The dismantling of Venezuela’s environmental institutions and the collapse of its oil sector have generated a chain reaction of unsustainable natural resource extraction.
Even Senator Cruz realizes kilowatt-hours aren’t like avocados.
Minnesotans need our state government to lead a coordinated, well-supported, statewide climate adaptation effort.
Scientists are concerned by falling sperm counts and declining egg quality. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals may be the problem.
Small government is no match for a crisis born of the state’s twin addictions to market fixes and fossil fuels.
As a devastating storm hit my home state, we relied on mutual aid as our elected officials showed their true face.

The Lone Star State is aptly named. If you're not part of the Republican oil elite with Cruz and Abbott, you're on your own.

Warming leads to climate change and in practice climate change means more snow, more rain, more flooding, more drought, more wildfires and more unpredictable weather. Stop pretending like it's hard to understand.

Rejoining the Paris Agreement is just the first step toward U.S. green global leadership.

Climate change will make extreme weather more common. We need to get ready.
When post-truth politics meets energy policy.
Republicans are blaming renewable energy, when it’s the state’s powerful utilities that failed to prepare for the worst.
Arizona water law essentially forces us to use all the water we are given, not conserve some of it in our rapidly drying rivers. This must change.

Our state leaders and legislators must seize this moment to create thousands of high-wage clean energy jobs and protect the clean air and healthy soil we all depend on. What are we waiting for?