black lung
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Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

A clean energy scam; help for black lung victims

Environmental groups call on the EPA to ban the toxic chemical vinyl chloride

East Palestine train derailment highlights vinyl chloride’s dangers to public health, advocates say.

beauty justice

Opinion: A love note to brown women facing beauty injustices

The collective definition of beauty needs to change to protect workers and women of color from toxic chemicals.

wildfire smoke air pollution

Will toxic haze and the 2023 danger season make a difference?

If the next six months of 2023 are anything like the first six, the ability of people to normalize global warming may be put to its most severe test yet.

fracking children health

Federal air monitoring investment could lower southwest Pennsylvania cancer rates

Five new air monitoring projects will be community-led and could reduce cancer-causing exposures. The challenge? Turning data into action.

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