Small farmers say they're paying the price for 3M pollution

Belgian farmers located in the vicinity of a 3M chemical plant are raising the alarm regarding the fallout from pollution at the Antwerp factory.

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How widespread are PFAS chemicals? Connecticut officials are about to find out

Connecticut's health and environmental agencies believe there are pockets of contamination hiding throughout the state.

Delaware County sues PFAS makers for contamination at fire-fighting sites

Delaware County’s district attorney said contamination could have been prevented if companies that made the chemicals “had been honest with consumers.”

Saint-Gobain whistleblower says company ignored pleas to probe pollution sites

A former in-house attorney for Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, which owns a manufacturing plant in Hoosick Falls that contaminated the village's water supplies with a toxic chemical, alleges he was fired last year after he pushed leaders of the corporation to fully investigate whether their other U.S. plants may have polluted public water supplies with a manmade polymer.

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3M will pay Bemidji $12.5 million to help treat water

3M will pay $12.5 million toward building and operating a new treatment facility to remove chemicals known as PFAS, which the company manufactured for use as firefighting foam.

La Crosse files lawsuit against 23 chemical manufacturers over PFAS contamination

The city of La Crosse has filed a lawsuit against nearly two dozen chemical manufacturers for their products' roles in the severe water contamination of more than 40 private wells on a nearby island.


PA American Water sues manufacturers of toxic PFAS 'forever chemicals'

One of Pennsylvania's largest water utilities has sued 3M, DuPont and a host of other companies, alleging they knew — or should have known — that so-called "forever chemicals" they manufactured and distributed posed a hazard to the public.

From Alaska to Florida, harmful PFAS compounds pollute water at multiple sites in every state

Wherever you are in the U.S., there's a good chance you can find harmful PFAS compounds in water near you.


Historic 3M settlement to pay for 72 miles of Washington County water mains, wells, plants

A $700 million wave of water-project funding is ready to wash into Washington County - for wells, filtering plants and 72 miles of water pipe.

Fighting PFAS in NC will take more than standards

Rep. Pricey Harrison would welcome maximum contaminant levels for PFAS, but she worries that industries would just switch to another compound.

Michigan PFAS lawsuit against 3M, DuPont advances to discovery

The Michigan Attorney General's lawsuit against major global chemical producers like 3M and DuPont, which made toxic fluorochemicals that have caused widespread pollution, is moving forward.

PFAS contamination divides an Alabama town

In industry-friendly Decatur, a longtime production hub for 3M, residents are grappling with a PFAS crisis - and how to hold polluters to account.

3m trial over PFAS contamination pushed to 2021, CEO says

3M, which made chemicals that are part of the family of PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, is facing multiple lawsuits related to the chemicals' presence in the environment, especially in drinking water.

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3M-Decatur enters into consent order with state to clean up industrial pollutants

3M Co. has entered into a consent order with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management that requires the company to clean up "forever chemicals" from its Decatur plant and from numerous waste sites in Morgan and Lawrence counties.

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