University of Sheffield scientists say rock dust could capture carbon

Spreading rock dust on farmland could pull enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to remove about half of the amount of that greenhouse gas currently produced by Europe, according to a major study published Thursday in the journal Nature.

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Inside the race for lab-grown meat

Chase Purdy’s new book explores the companies at the forefront of cell-based meats, their ‘ick’ factor, and the billionaires invested in bringing them to market.

Meet the gleaners, combing farm fields to feed the newly hungry

An age-old tradition suddenly has fresh urgency in the pandemic, delivering surplus produce to Americans who can’t feed their families.

Competition challenges young farmers to share their ideas for achieving net zero emissions

The United Kingdom's National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs is launching a new challenge, supported by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to encourage positive climate change action by asking young farmers to share their solutions for reaching net zero emissions by 2040.

Could paying farmers to store carbon help the climate and save farms?

The tech world is salivating over the idea. But some experts warn it's a field of dreams.

How you get your berries: Migrant workers who fear virus, but toil on

Many laborers in New Jersey follow the ripening of crops up the East Coast. Each influx of new workers brings the risk of a fresh outbreak.

An ancient valley lost to ‘progress’

In his push for economic development, Turkey’s president has flooded the archaeological gem of Hasankeyf and displaced thousands of families.

Solution to viscosity mystery may curb pesticide pollution

Researchers have figured out how to measure the viscosity of droplets. That could help control pesticide spraying, ink-jet printing, and more.

Bayer forges ahead with new crops resistant to 5 herbicides

Despite lawsuits and regulations, the agrichemical company is developing new genetically engineered corn designed to work with five herbicides, including glyphosate and dicamba.

Climate change caused havoc 2000 years ago

An Alaskan volcano once spurred climate change, darkening Mediterranean skies, launching a famine and possibly changing history.

For investors concerned about deforestation, there's a guide for that

Climate change threatens ecological and economic systems. That is why investors are increasingly looking to invest in companies with a plan to address one of the largest drivers of climate change: deforestation.

“Fall-off-a-cliff moment”: COVID-19 adds new dimension to farmers’ stress

Farmers faced high levels of stress before the pandemic. But the virus’s impact on agriculture has only deepened some farmers’ stress, experts said.

Democrats detail a climate agenda tying environment to racial justice

The policy road map, expected on Tuesday, could guide the party if it gains control of Congress and the White House in November.

Yakima County farmworkers called ‘sacrificial lambs’ of pandemic

Latinx community leaders say the agriculture industry and state officials have left workers unsafe and forgotten.

Amazon deforestation is linked to lower corn yields in Brazil, study says

Roughly one-fifth of Brazil's Amazon has been cleared in the last 50 years, as the country went from being a food importer to a global farming powerhouse.

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Big Oil flows a little bit backward

Pipelines have had a very bad July (so far).

Join the “Agents of Change” discussion on research and activism

Four of the fellows who participated in the program this year will discuss their ongoing research, activism, and experiences with publishing their ideas in the public sphere.

The dangers of opinion masquerading as fact in science journals: Jerrold J. Heindel

A call for unbiased, honest science in peer-reviewed journals.

Beyond the “silver lining” of emissions reductions: Clean energy takes a COVID-19 hit

With job loss and stifled development in the renewable energy sector, economists, politicians, and advocates say policy action is necessary to stay on track.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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