Sick Quebec farmers are growing impatient and demanding pesticide regulations

A newly formed group of sick farmers is demanding immediate government action to regulate pesticide use, and to protect workers ill from exposure.

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Support UK farmers to meet climate targets, ministers told

Farmers need more support from the government to plant the trees necessary to meet the UK's climate targets, ministers have been told, as they consider wide-ranging changes to farming payments after Brexit.

Cultivating sacred grains for the bread of life

How an agricultural chaplain is seeking to revive the ancient tradition of grain cultivation and heirloom wheat for churches and communities.

Trump attacks them. COVID-19 threatens them. But immigrants keep the U.S. fed

Public Integrity analysis found 43% of nearly 2 million front-line farm and processing workers nationwide are immigrants — mostly Latino and many non-citizens.

Conflict over U.S.-Mexico water treaty escalates as farmers take La Boquilla dam

Tensions between Mexico and the United States over water intensified this month as hundreds of Mexican farmers seized control of La Boquilla dam in protest over mandatory water releases.

Rising temperatures put heat on Nebraska's $7 billion corn industry

Climate change could take a big bite out of Nebraska's corn business, threatening an economic engine for the state and an important food source for an ever-hungrier world.

Australia’s inland rivers are the pulse of the outback. By 2070, they’ll be unrecognisable

Over the next 50 years, the arid zone – containing the areas of true desert – is projected to expand well into the Murray-Darling Basin and almost entirely envelope the Lake Eyre Basin.

Coronavirus infections spike as seasonal farmworkers are blocked from testing

As American growers harvested summer crops, the migration of seasonal farmworkers who were infected with the virus represented a growing health and humanitarian crisis.

Emails show how pesticide industry influenced U.S. position in health talks

The U.S. insisted that new international guidelines on combating drug resistance omit any mention of fungicides — a demand that the industry made but that ran counter to science.

Kentucky’s climate is suffering. Can the state slip the industry ties that prevent change?

Mitch McConnell has long resisted climate action even as the farm and coal sectors suffer, but a growing movement could bring change.

Are carbon markets for farmers worth the hype?

Private markets promise farmers monetization of a secondary crop: carbon stored in the soil. But questions loom about data ownership, consolidation, and increased pollution in communities of color.

As California wildfires rage, the harvest goes on

As California suffers through its worst wildfire season in modern history, agricultural workers are still going to work, risking heat, smoke, and COVID-19 to pick grapes and harvest strawberries.


Art Cullen: Climate change is killing the farm belt. With a little help, farmers can fix it

Farms produce the gases that cause climate change. Here's how we can change that — and help farmers, too.
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Our plastic planet

While climate change remains environmental issue #1, the worries over plastic in our water, soil, food, and bodies continue to grow.

Disinfection dangers: How to avoid viruses without exposing yourself to toxics

COVID-19 has all of us cleaning more—but the products designed to kill viruses and bacteria can have dangerous health impacts. Here's how to scrub safely.

Building a library of American environmental classics (Part Two)

More recommendations for your home eco-library.

Microplastics in farm soils: A growing concern

Researchers say that more microplastics pollution is getting into farm soil than oceans—and these tiny bits are showing up in our fruits, veggies, and bodies.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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