As Earth Day turns 50, green movement faces fresh challenges

Fifty years after the first Earth Day helped spur activism over air and water pollution and disappearing plants and animals, significant improvements are undeniable. But monumental challenges remain.

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Toxics rule could spur lawsuits from strange bedfellows

Green groups and blue states won't be the only challengers lining up to fight the Trump administration's controversial revisions to the legal basis for curbing mercury and air toxics from power plants.


DEP reaches agreement with range resources over air violations

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has agreed to a settlement with natural gas driller Range Resources over air pollution violations at two of the company's well pads.


Will Oceano Dunes closure prove source of dust pollution?

Riders and residents are wondering if the coronavirus closure will prove how much dust natural and how much is caused by vehicle activity.

Climate change could be worse than models predict as trees cannot sequester more carbon, study claims

Climate change could be worse than models have predicted as Australian researchers have found that forests are already at the limit of the amount of carbon they can extract from the air.


Could the COVID-19 pandemic be an environmental inflection point?

After the worst is over, our public health systems will certainly change forever, but could the fallout also result in us changing our consumption-heavy lifestyles in ways that could prevent a future outbreak, or in ways that improve the air we breathe?


London pollution increases the risks for pregnant women — and their unborn children

Air pollution raises the risk of miscarriage for pregnant women as much as smoking. That was the finding of scientists investigating the impact of air quality on birth outcomes last year, while other studies have shown that pollution can increase the risk of premature birth and low birth weight.


Outdoor voters all want the same things

As more states hold - or decide to postpone - presidential primaries, a new poll of Mountain West voters shows that a clear majority support climate action, clean air and water, and public lands protection.


China's air quality is about to get a whole lot worse because of coronavirus

Authorities are suspending enforcement of environmental rules while factories make up for lost production during the coronavirus pandemic.

Portland is getting 6 new air pollution testing stations near Bullseye Glass

A $1 million court-ordered air pollution monitoring program is kicking into gear this month near the Bullseye Glass facility in southeast Portland. 

Snow in Texas and ice in Alabama? Bizarre cold weather could become more common

A wavier jet stream brings cold Arctic air down south. That may be a counterintuitive result of climate change, some scientists say.

Air pollution from traffic linked to brain cancer for first time

We bike down the West Side Highway, run along Fifth Avenue and do yoga on rooftops, all to improve our well-being - but what if we're doing so at the expense of our long-term health?


The satellite images that help explain why Delhi’s air remains toxic and Beijing’s is getting better

Small particulate concentrations in Beijing have dropped to their lowest level since 2008.
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Coronavirus, the environment, and you

How the spread of the deadly virus is impacted by climate change, the environment, and our lifestyles.

Fracking linked to rare birth defect in horses: Study

The implications for human health are "worrisome," say researchers.

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A small-scale certification effort could offer a path forward.

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