A Black community in Northeast D.C. is surrounded by industrial pollution. The city plans to add more.

The D.C. government is preparing to build a sprawling school-bus terminal in the historically Black enclave of Brentwood, where residents have long lived amid industrial sites that discharge pollution into their community.

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Smoke suffocates Athens as EU scientists label Mediterranean a ‘wildfire hotspot’

Fires raging across Greece wreathed Athens in smoke as the Mediterranean reeled from scorching temperatures and wildfires.


Burning for Bitcoin: A waste coal-burning, crypto-mining pirate ship sets sail in PA

While Bitcoin is the shiny veneer of the operation, it's actually a means to an end—giving Scrubgrass a reason to run more than the electric grid needs so it can continue to burn waste coal.


In Pakistan city, green scheme for polluting bus owners inches along

In its latest bid to tackle Peshawar's toxic smog problem, the provincial government has devoted 670 million rupees (about $4.1 million) to taking old buses off the road and encouraging citizens to switch to the Bus Rapid Transit system.

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Green infrastructure can limit but not solve air pollution injustice

While green infrastructure has the potential to decrease air pollution and provide other benefits to human health, vegetation alone cannot resolve health disparities related to air pollution injustice.


Air pollution exposure is shifting from outdoor to indoor – here's why

Getting vehicles off the road may do wonders for smog, but there's more to air pollution than that.


Microplastic air pollution study continues during pandemic

Researchers are among those who have had their work impacted by the shutdowns and pandemic-related regulations. At LSU, the journey to understand the microscopic world of plastics had to adjust.

Forgotten oil and gas wells linger, leaking toxic chemicals

Abandoned oil and gas wells are a silent menace, threatening to explode or contaminate drinking water and leaking atmosphere-warming fumes each day that they're unplugged. Without records of their whereabouts, it's impossible to grasp the magnitude of the pollution or health problems they may be causing.


Wildfires in Canada are blowing an ‘unprecedented’ smoke swath into Minnesota

Smoke from across the Canadian border is seeping into Minnesota. Officials warn unhealthy air quality will persist until next week, fueling concerns over possible health impacts.

Lead exposure during childhood may influence adult personality, and not for the better

Early exposure to lead pollution may lead to less mature personality traits as an adult.

What’s the true cost of retail giants shipping your junk across the ocean?

Tracing the impact on the environment from shipping any of these goods is tricky to do.

Mapping the past and future of urban highways

Decades ago, the federal highway boom tore apart historically Black neighborhoods across the U.S. The legacy of this racist federal transportation policy continues to define urban spaces, even as some cities look to reconnect these communities.
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How joining a climate program could save Western Pennsylvania kids’ lives and lungs

As Pennsylvania moves to join a regional greenhouse gas initiative, experts say it will also reduce toxics, foster healthier kids, and save the state billions. But GOP policymakers and industry groups remain opposed.

Bayer heads into next U.S. cancer trial, opening statements set for Thursday

The trial comes a week after Bayer announced it would stop selling Roundup.

Putting people at the center of medicine, research, and policy

The most impactful healthcare and research keeps community service at its core.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Opinion: Get high-risk pesticides out of our bodies

Four ways to fix systemic problems plaguing food and agriculture safety

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