The gas field next door: living amid old storage wells at risk of leaks

Many Americans live within a city block of aging, natural gas storage wells that lack safety features to prevent major leaks.
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After another fire, Allegheny County issues emergency order for US Steel’s Clairton plant

U.S. Steel spokeswoman Meghan Cox said in an email the company is "reviewing the health department's order."


Golf, pesticides and a father's death

The death of filmmaker Andrew Nisker's father, Harold, of cancer in 2014 led him on a search for truth about golf courses and pesticide use.

No verdict in sight on safety of crumb rubber fields, prompting angst all around

America's schools, parks departments and youth sports leagues remain in limbo over the safety of turf fields made from recycled tires after federal agencies still have not released findings of their crumb rubber study.

Deer Park terminal fire poses no immediate health concerns, regulators say

In a statement Monday afternoon, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said air quality monitoring "had not detected any immediate health concerns at ground level" amid a multi-tank fire at a petrochemical storage facility near Houston.

Natural gas processor to pay nearly $7M to settle pollution violations

The region's biggest natural gas processor, MPLX LP, will spend almost $7 million to settle federal and state air pollution violations at three of its gas processing facilities in Pennsylvania and Ohio and reduce emissions at 18 more plants in five other states.


Auto firms find Trump plan to ease fuel rules too much of a good thing

Car companies got more regulatory relief than they bargained for after they asked the administration to ease mileage requirements

Air near PA Superfund site likely hazardous to young kids, pregnant women, feds say

A community meeting was scheduled to discuss air quality near the operating American Zinc Recycling plant in Palmerton.

Residents 'vindicated' by recent EPA report after breathing in asbestos from Statesville, NC hospital demolition

Statesville residents who say they were forced to breathe in dangerous asbestos particles for months feel vindicated.

Fire union head says more than 1,000 FDNY members suffer from Ground Zero illnesses 17 years after 9/11

Over 1,000 firefighters have cancer, respiratory problems or other illnesses from work at Ground Zero.


Toxic levels of air pollution are behind spike in asthma deaths

It comes after nine-year-old Ella Kissi-Debrah's death from asthma was directly linked to air pollution last month.


WVU conducting cardiovascular health research in relation to fracking

How much does the air near a fracking site differ from that of a city street? Research by the West Virginia University School of Public Health seeks to answer that by exploring how the airborne particles near natural gas wells can affect cardiovascular health.


Asians breathe 9 times more pollution than people in Europe, US

Drivers in Asia's urban centres are exposed to up to nine times more air pollution than their counterparts in Europe or the United States, a new study has found.

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