Louisiana: Judge tosses lawsuit over permit for $9.4 billion Formosa plastic complex

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has thrown out a lawsuit challenging the wetlands permit for the $9.4 billion Formosa Plastics complex proposed in St. James Parish.
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Pakistan′s Arabian Sea islands risk environmental disaster

Pakistan's federal government is planning to build modern cities on the Bundal and Dingi islands, which could ease pressure on Karachi, the country's financial hub. Experts say it would be an ecological catastrophe.

The Clean Air Act has saved millions of lives and trillions of dollars

The U.S. Clean Air Act turns 50 on December 31. America's dramatically cleaner skies are evidence of what legislation and innovation can do.

Concerns about Norlite plant continue despite new state, city of Cohoes restrictions

Activists recently held a Zoom meeting to discuss the ongoing effort to regulate the Norlite incinerator in Cohoes.


Parts of Hong Kong suffer serious air pollution, with smog likely to remain at least for another day

Parts of Hong Kong suffered serious air pollution on Sunday, with environmental authorities expecting the smog to last at least another day or until strong winds disperse the contaminants.


‘Devastating’ fires engulf Brazilian Pantanal wetlands – again

Sources say most of the fires started from slash-and-burn farming, which is becoming more prevalent due to the weakening of environmental agencies under the Bolsonaro administration.


Cohoes approves tax for Norlite hazwaste

The Norlite aggregate mill has been the source of controversy since revelations emerged that it had been incinerating potentially toxic firefighting foam in 2019 and 2018.


Mass. has strong rules about burning wood for electricity. In 2021, it plans to roll them back

Many fear the changes will pave the way for a large biomass facility in Springfield, the "asthma capital" of the country.

Pollution deaths in India rose to 1.67 million in 2019

India, whose cities top global pollution lists, faces a growing economic as well as human toll from bad air quality, which was linked to 1.24 million, or 12.5% of total deaths in the previous such study for 2017.


DNR announces action plan to address PFAS contamination in Wisconsin

The PFAS Action Plan includes 25 different action items for state legislators and the governor to consider in the fight against "forever chemicals".

Environmentalists hope Biden will reverse Trump policies

Some regulations will take time to change or reverse because they will require a full review process with public comment.

It’s Australia’s first big blaze of the fire season. How bad will the summer get?

Last year, the country suffered catastrophic wildfires. Now, it is watching as a scenic getaway burns. What the rest of the season brings may depend on heat waves, winds and dried-out grass.

No more smoke on the water from Russia's aircraft carrier

The Northern Fleet's aircraft carrier will embark on tests in the Barents Sea in 2022 with main boilers, diesel generators and main turbo-gear units replaced.

Air quality warnings reduce mortality rates

Studies have shown that publicizing air quality warnings coincides with reduced numbers of asthma-related emergency-room visits for children and the elderly.


Less pollution expected as Nornickel resumes sulfuric acid production in Monchegorsk

After a year with several smog incidents damaging the nature surrounding the factories, the company now launches several projects aimed at making the skies blue.
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A first-of-its kind study aims to tease out the link between pollution and cancer in children.

Moving forward after four years of fights and falsehoods

As the US turns the page on a skeptical and openly hostile administration, environmental science and journalism face continued obstacles—but there is some optimism.

LISTEN: Dana Williamson on bringing communities to the forefront of environmental justice research

"There needs to be more intentionality around working with communities that are experiencing environmental inequities."

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"People in communities with fracking are fearful about the exposures they're facing from the industry."

Unplugged: Abandoned oil and gas wells leave the ocean floor spewing methane

The Gulf of Mexico is littered with tens of thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells, and toothless regulation leaves climate warming gas emissions unchecked.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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