School next to Portland ICE facility sounds alarm over children’s exposure to chemical munitions

For months, Cottonwood School of Civics and Science staff, parents, neighborhood residents and public officials have been pleading with federal agents to stop using chemical weapons to disperse protesters outside the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility next door.
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Regulators rebuke PG&E for neglect in reducing wildfire risk

California regulators are stepping up their oversight of Pacific Gas & Electric after finding that the nation's largest utility has neglected the maintenance of an electrical grid that has ignited a series of deadly wildfires in Northern California and forced periodic blackouts affecting millions of people.

Maryland agency seeks to overturn ruling that it must curb foul poultry air

The Maryland DOE plans to appeal a state judge's ruling that the agency must account for ammonia discharges to the air before issuing water permits to high-density poultry farms.


NJ Transit OKs $63M purchase of diesel buses, as activists clamor for electric

NJ Transit's board Wednesday approved a $63 million contract to buy 118 diesel buses.

Plastic is falling from the sky. But where’s it coming from?

At any given time, 1,100 tons of microplastic are floating over the western US. New modeling shows the surprising sources of the nefarious pollutant.

Allegheny County Health Department starts providing Mon Valley poor air quality alerts

The Allegheny County Health Department will now be providing public alerts when air quality forecasts show a potential for poor air quality in the Monongahela River Valley.

Cleaning denim′s reputation, one pair of jeans at a time

Jeans are a fashion staple but an environmental headache. To resolve this dilemma, the industry has become a melting pot of solutions.

As temperatures rise, so do allergies

Asthmatics hit hard as pollen growing seasons get longer.

More lightning in the Arctic is bad news for the planet

Lightning strikes in the far north could double by 2100. That means more wildfires, which could release massive amounts of planet-warming gas.

Workers feared for safety at Ontario baby formula plant

When the Chinese firm Feihe International invested $332 million to build a milk formula factory in Kingston, Ont., it promised to create hundreds of jobs in Eastern Ontario. Some of the people who took those jobs are now warning the workplace isn't safe — and they're afraid someone could get killed.

What’s that smell? As weather warms, so does a perennial East Vancouver debate

The neighbourhood tries to balance stinky climate change solutions with livability. But when is funk not functional?

Why Russia has so many oil leaks

With an oil leak occurring somewhere in the country almost every half hour, Russia records many more spills than other oil-rich states. One hotspot is the Komi Republic in the far north.

'It’s disgusting': The story of 3 Louisiana pig barns and their waste along Bayou Teche

When Andy Aucoin bought two acres of property on Bayou Teche in western St. Mary Parish in 1996, he envisioned backyard crawfish boils, an outdoor kitchen and a swimming pool where he could entertain friends and relatives under the shade of live oak trees.

Proposal in south Santa Fe has kids speaking out on environmental justice

Associated Asphalt and Materials is seeking to consolidate its two asphalt plants by moving its facility half a mile north — farther from some neighborhoods but closer to El Camino Real Academy.

'A big crisis in our state': Bill to ban ethanol companies from using treated seed advances

Given an emergency clause and advanced on a 43-0 vote, if LB507 passes two more rounds of consideration and is signed into law by Gov. Pete Ricketts, it could effectively
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Earth Day: Amidst the greenwashing, it's still a good thing

When corporations tout their greenness and journalists get beaten senseless by lame ideas.

‘Forever chemicals’ coat the outer layers of biodegradable straws

More evidence that harmful PFAS chemicals are sneaking into some "green" and "compostable" products.

Pesticide DDT linked to increased breast cancer risk generations after exposure

Groundbreaking study finds women whose grandmothers had high DDT exposure are more likely to be obese and have early menstruation—both breast cancer risk factors.

Want more clean energy? Focus on people, not technology

Energy decisions can be deeply personal. We need to listen to households and communities before we prescribe their energy transition.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

The political, media, and community response to our Fractured investigation

From a media blitz to calls for statewide drilling bans, here's a look at the fallout and impacts so far from EHN's investigation of western Pennsylvania fracking impacts.

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