Feds order owner of dam on Puyallup River to clean up spill from artificial turf

Federal regulators have ordered the owners of Electron Dam on the Puyallup River to clean up its mess following a spill of rubber debris during unpermitted use of artificial turf in a construction project. The company must remove...
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Rubber debris litters miles of Puyallup River after artificial turf was used in dam project without permit

Operators of the Electron Dam used rolls of old artificial turf as a liner in a retrofit to the dam. They have broken up and drifted downriver, just as salmon are coming back to Puget Sound.

Portsmouth group raises concerns about PFAS in high school field

The organizer of Non Toxic Portsmouth says he will continue to ask city councilors to reconsider two planned synthetic turf fields after testing showed indicators of per- and polyfluoroalkyl contaminants.


Researchers find way to dissolve, recycle rubber from car tires

The process could lead to new recycling methods that have so far proven to be expensive, difficult and largely inefficient.


Fields of waste: Artificial turf, touted as recycling fix for millions of scrap tires, becomes mounting disposal mess

With hundreds of fields reaching end of life each year, the artificial turf industry is under pressure to find a sustainable solution.

Hidden gotcha in artificial turf installations

When school systems, universities and colleges, or local governments choose to install artificial turf fields, they seem all bright, shiny green and clean. How many of those buyers pay attention to the endgame—the disposing of many tons of hazardous waste?

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Worn out artificial turf fields pose huge waste problem across nation

As fields are replaced, billions of pounds of rubber and synthetic fiber are piling up because the U.S. has no plan for disposing of this product.

Is there a real risk in artificial turf fields?

Five artificial turf fields are on tap to be replaced at Clark County schools in the wake of a 13 Investigation which exposed dangerous conditions, lack of safety testing, and lack of maintenance at high school football fields across Las Vegas.

DC's artificial turf fields tested for hormone disrupting chemicals

Environmental scientist Jeff Gearhart collected blades of fake grass last Friday from sports fields at D.C. public parks to see if they potentially contain harmful chemicals called PFAS.


Massive federal report is only first step in assessing safety of crumb-rubber turf fields

A joint effort between two U.S. federal agencies has released its first report about crumb-rubber synthetic fields, but you still have to wait if you want a definitive look on whether a surface made partly of recycled tires is safe for your children.


Turf it out: Is it time to say goodbye to artificial grass?

It's neat, easy – and a staggering £2bn global market. But as plastic grass takes over our cities, some say that it's green only in color.


Some Williamstown residents oppose Mt. Greylock artificial turf plan

Some residents of Berkshire County plan to argue Tuesday against the installation of an artificial turf.

Concerned Vancouverites call for ban on synthetic turf fields after tests confirm lead

The Vancouver Park Board said it takes safety concerns seriously, and like all municipalities in BC, relies on the provincial health authorities to provide local expertise on potential health risks of products, such as artificial turf fields.


Top German sports associations call for artificial turf ban transition

Two of Germany's top sports associations have called for a transitional period of "at least six years" before a proposed EU-wide ban on intentionally added microplastics is imposed on synthetic turf pitches.


The grass may be greener along Miami's Brickell Avenue, but that’s because it’s artificial

Real grass was ripped out and replaced by fake AstroTurf-like grass on concrete. Residents are protesting, and Coral Way could be next.

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