Keya Chatterjee: Climate justice is racial justice

Polluting and extractive facilities have been placed in black, brown, and indigenous communities around the world - and they are suffering the consequences.

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U.S. ruling could mean a flood of new claims against Volkswagen

Judges on Monday cleared the way for counties to pursue the automaker, which has already paid more than $20 billion in federal penalties for cheating on pollution tests, under local laws.

States sue to block Trump from weakening fuel economy rules

At stake in the lawsuit is the single biggest effort by the United States to fight the climate crisis.

Elizabeth Hauptman: Gutting America's Clean Car Standards is harmful to our health

The rollback of America's Clean Car Standards will have real consequences for my family — and the millions of other Americans who suffer from asthma.

Up in smoke: B.C. backtracks on promise to deter logging industry from burning wood waste

Nearly three years ago the province promised to rein in the air pollution from slash-pile burning by introducing a plan that has yet to materialize.


In California, a push grows to turn dead trees into biomass energy

Some experts argue that using dead and diseased trees to produce biomass energy will help to restore forests and reduce CO2 emissions.

Pollution case against U.S. Steel dismissed

A federal judge finds the steelmaker did not violate federal Superfund law in the aftermath of two fires at its Clairton Coke Works.

Indoor air quality and asthma during COVID-19     

Now that people are spending most of their time indoors with the current covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures, exposure to indoor pollution becomes a major health concern.

Connecting the dots between environmental injustice and coronavirus

Scientist Sacoby Wilson has long focused on health issues related to environmental injustice. In an e360 interview, he discusses how social and environmental inequality have contributed to the outsized impact of COVID-19.

Wahleah Johns: The coronavirus is just one challenge the Navajo Nation is facing

The reservation has more coronavirus cases per capita than any state in the country.

For communities of color, air pollution may heighten coronavirus threat

COVID-19 marks another disparity for communities of color, highlighting the urgency to address longstanding economic and health barriers there.

West Oakland environmental justice leaders on what's changed, what hasn't in the neighborhood

While pollution in communities of color remains disproportionate, advocates say the way they fight has changed.

Environmentalists celebrate massive reductions in air pollution, fossil fuel use this Earth Day

This Earth Day, the planet and everything on it is breathing a little easier. Quarantines around the world have put a pause on traffic, factory activity and travel. While activity has slowed down, environmental scientists are seeing air quality go up. The difference is one you can see and feel.


NO2 pollution is dropping across the US due to Covid-19

It's one tiny light at the end of the long coronavirus tunnel. Nitrogen dioxide - a highly reactive gas - pollution has reached record lows across the world as stay-at-home orders, business closures and decreased ground and air travel puts a pause on the burning of fossil fuels.


When emissions decrease, people's asthma gets better

After four Kentucky coal plants reduced emissions, people in the surrounding areas stopped needing their inhalers as much.
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Editorial: Bicycling is having a moment—let’s use it to make riding more safe and inclusive

As we celebrate a World Bicycle Day like no other, can the U.S. keep the momentum and attention the coronavirus pandemic has brought to bicycling?

Coronavirus, the environment, and you

How the spread of the deadly virus is impacted by climate change, the environment, and our lifestyles.

Climate change creates camouflage confusion in winter-adapted wildlife

Twenty-one species molt from brown to white to survive the winter season. But climate change has created a mismatch between their snowy camouflage and surroundings.

They blinded us with SCIENCE!

From climate change to COVID-19, even the clearest warnings from scientists can misfire with millions of Americans. Pop culture may be a big reason why.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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