Los villanos de la acción climática

Australia, Rusia o Brasil están entre los países que se burlan del acuerdo de París contra el calentamiento y han presentado los mismos objetivos o, incluso, son menos ambiciosos que los de hace cinco años.

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Australia seguirá extrayendo carbón pese a las advertencias de un estudio sobre el cambio climático

La reciente investigación instaba al país océanico a abandonar el 95% de sus reservas de carbón para evitar los nefastos efectos de la crisis climática. Según el gobierno, el carbón experimenta un aumento en su demanda.

Australia warned climate crisis will ‘wreak havoc’ on economy if coal isn’t phased out

A senior UN official has warned the climate crisis will "wreak havoc" across the Australian economy if coal is not rapidly phased out, and joined those explicitly calling for the Morrison government to adopt more ambitious emissions reduction goals.

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Queensland's ban on single-use plastics begins

Queensland businesses are now banned from selling or supplying some plastic and polystyrene products, as the state vows to tackle plastic pollution.

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Más de 400.000 firmas contra el superpuerto en Tenerife y por la protección de las ballenas

La campaña "Actúa por Hope: detén el nuevo macropuerto de Tenerife" impulsada por Movemos Europa pide que se denieguen los permisos y los fondos para la construcción del puerto de Fonsalía.

Good News

The invasive emerald ash borer has destroyed millions of trees – scientists aim to control it with tiny parasitic wasps

Biological control strategies curb pests using other species that attack the invader. A biologist explains why it can take more than a decade to develop an effective biological control program.

Clean energy interest soars in NSW as states resist rules to prop up coal

A New South Wales renewable energy zone is inundated with investor interest amid pushback to federal rules on fossil fuel generators.


Monster Australian solar farm about to get ‘significantly bigger’

The $22 billion solar farm backed by billionaires Mike Cannon-Brookes and Andrew Forrest to supply Darwin and Singapore with power is expanding.

Study: Which countries will best survive a collapse?

A pair of English researchers found that New Zealand is best poised to stay up and running as climate change continues to wreak global havoc. Other scientists found flaws in their model.

Australian wildfires' climate influence outweighed that of lockdowns

The COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdowns exerted a slight net warming effect on the planet, but Australian wildfires had a much bigger and faster climate impact, cooling the planet from December 2019 through mid-2020, a new study finds.


Climate action urged as barrier reef 'danger' decision nears

UNESCO's upcoming decision on whether to put the Great Barrier Reef on an 'in danger' list should be a wake-up call to Australia on climate policy, says climatologist Michael Mann.


COVID-19 Delta variant widens gulf between vaccinated and unvaccinated

Data from overseas, particularly Britain, suggest the spread of the virus will set vaccinated and unvaccinated communities on very different paths.

Queensland police regret making Indigenous leader leave Adani mine site during protest

The Indigenous leader Adrian Burragubba brought a complaint to the Queensland human rights commission after police broke up a protest against Adani's coalmine in August last year.


Rachel Cernansky: What western society can learn from Indigenous communities

The scientific method is designed to be indifferent to morals or values, but “Indigenous knowledge puts them back in.”

Southern Australian sharks and rays being ‘cornered’ by climate change

Southern Australia's sharks and rays face mounting threats as warmer waters push more tropical species southwards and habitats change, exacerbating threats to critically endangered species.

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Alabama PFAS manufacturing plant creates the climate pollution of 125,000 cars

The manufacturing plant responsible for PFAS-coated fast food packaging pumps out loads of a banned ozone-depleting compound along with "forever chemicals."

LISTEN: EHN's Pittsburgh reporter featured on "We Can Be" podcast

"I believe that true, well-told stories have the power to change the world for good."

Weaponization of water in South Asia

Climate change and unbalanced regional political power are driving an ongoing water crisis in Bangladesh.

Global action on harmful PFAS chemicals is long overdue: Study

"We already know enough about the harm being caused by these very persistent substances to take action to stop all non-essential uses and to limit exposure from legacy contamination."

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Pennsylvania vows to regulate PFAS in drinking water—again—but regulations are at least two years away

The chemicals, linked to health problems including cancer and thyroid disease, have contaminated drinking water in Pittsburgh communities like Coraopolis and McKeesport.

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