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NC floodwaters carried pig, human waste after Florence

Hurricane Florence caused about 121 million gallons of untreated or partially treated sewage to spill in almost 600 incidents.

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Washington issues warning not to eat raw shellfish after 'heat dome'

Health officials said that high temperatures and low tides were likely to blame for an outbreak of vibriosis, an intestinal disease associated with eating raw oysters and other shellfish.
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Descubren bacterias resistentes a los antibióticos en comida para perros

La comida para perros de fabricación industrial puede ser una fuente importante para la proliferación de bacterias resistentes a los antibióticos.

Environmental groups pressure central Pa. food company to clean up wastewater plant

Environmental groups say the Hanover Foods plant is illegally discharging pollution into nearby streams that ultimately flow to the Chesapeake Bay.

Popular Omani fish snack found to contain harmful bacteria, fungi

A popular species of kingfish that is dried and then eaten as a snack in Oman should be avoided, because it contains a high amount of bacteria and fungi, that could prove very harmful to people.

Cities have unique microbiomes which could be key to keeping us healthy

Researchers swabbed city buses and subways and found DNA from viruses and bacteria that had never been classified before. Cities have personal microbiomes and they could be key to keeping us healthy.

Stop kissing and snuggling chickens, C.D.C. says after salmonella outbreak

More than 160 illnesses and dozens of hospitalizations have been reported across 43 states, officials said. “These are not house pets and a lot of people confuse that,” a poultry educator said.

Scientists say this E. coli won’t make you sick and could be good for the planet

Scientists say they have created a possible alternative to plastic using a bacteria better known for turning stomachs. They call it “aquaplastic.”
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Residentes de South Bay piden acciones inmediatas por el problema de aguas residuales entre Tijuana y San Diego

La EPA inició la revisión de 10 proyectos de infraestructuras y aprobó una prueba rápida para medir los niveles de bacterias.

New Jersey Legionnaires’ outbreak kept quiet in state prisons

After one person died and another spent a month in a coma, state officials found Legionella bacteria in the water at two New Jersey prisons.

Toxic algae intensifies on Lake O as water rises along with concern

Drone12 video captures concerning video and images of toxic blue-green algae on Lake Okeechobee Friday morning. The plague of the harmful gunk washed ashore in Pahokee at the city marina, where the bacteria is caking up, decomposing, and letting off toxins. Highly toxic algal blooms have become concerning for coastal communities. "I was like wow," said Njood Pellicer, of Pahokee. "To see it like that is just horrible. "The timing of this extensive amount of cyanobacteria is shocking.

Opponents say plan to use treated sewage for irrigation stinks

United Neighbors Against Wastewater Intrusion is hoping to turn a crappy situation on its head.

Seaside Australia faces a rise in flesh-eating Buruli ulcer cases

As Buruli ulcer cases have risen, they have taken a physical and psychological toll but also offered hope that scientists can solve the bacteria’s many mysteries.

Ice-fighting bacteria could help California crops survive frost

A scientist whose groundbreaking research linked frost damage to plant-dwelling bacteria thinks there's a better way to fight frost. And it doesn't require spending a fortune on equipment that consumes copious quantities of water and fossil fuels.

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Alabama PFAS manufacturing plant creates the climate pollution of 125,000 cars

The manufacturing plant responsible for PFAS-coated fast food packaging pumps out loads of a banned ozone-depleting compound along with "forever chemicals."

LISTEN: EHN's Pittsburgh reporter featured on "We Can Be" podcast

"I believe that true, well-told stories have the power to change the world for good."

Weaponization of water in South Asia

Climate change and unbalanced regional political power are driving an ongoing water crisis in Bangladesh.

Global action on harmful PFAS chemicals is long overdue: Study

"We already know enough about the harm being caused by these very persistent substances to take action to stop all non-essential uses and to limit exposure from legacy contamination."

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Pennsylvania vows to regulate PFAS in drinking water—again—but regulations are at least two years away

The chemicals, linked to health problems including cancer and thyroid disease, have contaminated drinking water in Pittsburgh communities like Coraopolis and McKeesport.

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