Million-dollar battery could help charge Casco Bay hybrid ferry

Adding energy storage could offer lessons for how to charge electric public transit fleets, from ferries to buses.
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Oil majors look to fill businesses’ growing appetite for green power

BP, Shell and Total say their global reach and vast trading operations give them an edge in supplying wind and solar power as companies seek to go green and take a more international approach to sourcing power.

Natural Gas, America’s no. 1 power source, already has a new challenger: batteries

A decade after the fracking boom took off, the fuel faces disruption by a new combination on the electric grid: renewable energy and electricity storage.

LG and SK, two rival Korean battery giants, are complicating Biden’s electric car push

The ambitious plans of President Biden and major auto manufacturers could be scuttled by a severe shortage.

Volkswagen aims to use its size to head off Tesla

The German carmaker outlined ambitious goals to build battery factories as it ties its fate to electric cars.

Pennsylvania: Talen Energy agrees to protect Montour Preserve as part of plan to phase out coal

A central Pennsylvania conservation group is declaring the settlement a win for water quality and outdoor recreation, as the power plant moves to natural gas.

The hottest amenity from developers? A power plant made of batteries

Charged via rooftop solar panels, the cells form a network that provides a building with backup electricity and that utilities can tap during peak periods.

Rooftop solar would boost electrical systems’ resilience

Federal funding could jumpstart rooftop solar, providing jobs, lower bills, and a boost to electric systems’ disaster resilience.
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Four companies leading the rise of lithium & battery technology

The four companies highlighted here represent key aspects of the growing and evolving lithium and battery technology ecosystem

So, Jeff Bezos, you really want to fix the planet?

Amazon's founder is stepping down to focus on other projects, like the Bezos Earth Fund. Here's what he can do to help fix the mess humans have made of the world.

Experts assess feasibility of Biden 100% clean energy plan

The upcoming presidential inauguration of Joe Biden has opened the floodgates this week on proposals for achieving the clean energy future he has promised.

Inside clean energy: The energy storage boom has arrived

After years of build up, a giant battery storage project is online in Moss Landing, California, and a huge one is on the way in Florida.


Stimulus deal includes raft of provisions to fight climate change

The most substantial federal investment in green technology in a decade includes billions for solar, wind, battery storage and carbon capture. Congress also agreed to cut the use of HFCs, chemicals used in refrigeration that are driving global warming.

In boost for renewables, grid-scale battery storage is on the rise

Driven by technological advances, facilities are being built with storage systems that can hold enough renewable energy to power hundreds of thousands of homes. The advent of “big battery” technology addresses a key challenge for green energy — the intermittency of wind and solar.
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Following up with families from ‘Fractured,’ EHN’s fracking investigation in western Pennsylvania

"The series finally brought to light that we're not the only ones being impacted, that this is a serious problem across the board, and that the industry should be held accountable."


Invasives and invasions pit humans versus nature.

Solar geoengineering: Scientists decry a 'foolish' idea

Ideas to dim the sun 'ignore the root cause' of the climate crisis – and create a cascade of unintended problems, scientists and activists say

Is it up to consumers, businesses, or politicians to tackle toxics? All of the above.

We all have a role to play in ridding our shelves of unhealthy products that are more likely to end up harming low-income families.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

LISTEN: A trip down the crooked river

"Now that the water is clean, now that the fish are back ... it is so clean and glorious that everybody wants to be there."

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