Beef and beer are the biggest greenhouse gas emitters in Pittsburgh's food system, says study

The data collected information to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Allegheny County.
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Climate change impacting craft brewers

Beer consists of four main ingredients: water, yeast, hops, and barely. In order for the crop to have a successful season it needs the right amount of water, relatively cool temperatures, and little storm activity. If any of these are not adhered too, the crop will be more prone to disease and potentially die.


Public to decide fate of contested brewery in Northern Mexico

The future of a controversial brewery in Mexico will be determined by the public, according to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. 

Every sixpack of beer contributes to climate change. Brewers hope algae is the solution

In an Australian first, a 400-litre bag of algae has been installed at a Sydney brewery to reduce carbon emissions and produce food, pharmaceuticals and even bio-plastic.


Beer companies have joined the fight for public lands

A frosty cold one is best when shared. So are America's public lands.

Brewers: Beer will taste like medicine if Supreme Court doesn't back Clean Water Act

The Supreme Court will hear arguments early next month in a major environment case concerning the Clean Water Act.

Budweiser to stop using plastic for all its UK beer four-packs before 2021

Brewing firm Budweiser is to phase out single-use plastic pack rings from its entire range of UK-produced beer – which include the bestselling brands Stella Artois, Budweiser and Bud Light – by the end of 2020.


Dave Dickey: Court's initial ruling on corn syrup advertisement fracas comes up short

How this corn syrup question is ultimately decided can have potential implications for other food products made with corn syrup and how they are advertised before the public.


Poo and Brew mixes business with pleasure

You might never think about what happens to the water in your toilet after you flush, but that very quandary fuels an entire industry of engineers, mechanics, scientists and office personnel who populate the wastewater treatment field.


Weed killer in your wine, beer? That's what a new U.S. PIRG study says

U.S. PIRG tested five wines and 15 beers, including organic ones, and found traces of the controversial herbicide glyphosate in 19 of them.

Fort Collins' Anheuser-Busch brewery steadily decreases pollution

Anheuser-Busch brewery is the only large facility in Larimer County that has consistently decreased pollution since 2010.
Plastic Pollution

Corona debuts plastic-free six-pack rings in Mexican beach town

The new six-pack rings won't add to the plague of plastics in the Gulf of Mexico.

Beer-brewing Trappist monks put faith in plants to reduce water waste

A nagging sense that money has triumphed over spirituality has prompted these beer-brewing monks to rethink their use of water after more than 130 years.


In Britain, Budweiser will soon be brewed using 100 percent solar power

Starting in 2020, the Anheuser-Busch company will brew all of the Budweiser it produces in the United Kingdom - 17 million cans and bottles each week - with 100 percent solar power.


How Misfit Brewing Co. plans to make good beer and reduce water pollution

Auckland-based Misfit Brewing Co. is a new social enterprise brewery aiming to address New Zealand's polluted waterways.
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