Anchorage talk will dive into ocean acidification’s impact on Alaska marine life - Anchorage Daily News

The real concern is the speed at which changes are occurring, says an official with the Alaska Fisheries Science Center.
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Warren County moves forward with plastic bag ban

QUEENSBURY — Warren County’s on-again, off-again effort to ban single-use plastic bags took a major step forward Tuesday.

Undercooked: An expensive push to save lives and protect the planet falls short

Millions of lives were at stake. Hillary Clinton was on board. Money poured in. And yet the big aims behind an effort to tackle the plague of third-world cooking fires has produced only modest gains.

Toxic City: Cleaning up Philly's contaminated schools has a huge price tag

Education becomes another arena where we institutionalize the traumatic aspects of poverty, insuring that the disadvantages poor kids start out with are not only alleviated, but made worse.

Fracking and the environment shouldn't be afterthoughts in Pennsylvania governor race

As the campaign to become Pennsylvania's next governor continues, let's hope the candidates will give voters a better idea of what they will specifically do in the next four years, if elected, to protect their air and water while adequately providing for their energy needs.

Injured nuclear workers finally had support. The Trump administration has mothballed it

An advisory board of scientists, doctors and worker advocates helped ensure that nuclear workers exposed to toxins received proper compensation. The terms of nearly all board members expired last month - and no new members have been appointed.


Trudeau ratchets up pipeline pressure on British Columbia

Proposed Trans Mountain freeze threatens consensus on climate change, Prime Minister says.


Environmental groups want Ottawa to toughen new energy project assessment approach

Environmental groups are urging the Liberal government to strengthen its proposed changes to the process of assessing resource projects, arguing the current plan will allow economic development to trump environmental protection.

Trump DOJ passes on perjury prosecution of ex-chairman

More than a month after Jeff Sessions was sworn in as attorney general, the Department of Justice declined to bring charges against the Obama-era head of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board for allegedly lying to Congress, according to a report obtained by E&E News under the Freedom of Information Act.


Sudden shift at a public health journal leaves scientists feeling censored

A journal that had repeatedly published peer-reviewed articles that challenged vested interests about hazardous chemicals in use today appears to have been coopted by a new editor, promoting "mercenary science" designed to manufacture doubt that provides regulators cover when they don't want to make tough decisions.

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Sudden shift at a public health journal leaves scientists feeling censored

Claiming overreach by a new publisher, the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health's editorial board asks for disciplinary action from the National Library of Medicine.

A climate change report isolates Trump

Even the pariah nation of Syria is signing on the Paris Agreement, leaving the U.S. alone on the world stage as the only country refusing to abide the accords on curbing climate change. It's a disgraceful position for the planet's leading nation.

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The dangers of opinion masquerading as fact in science journals: Jerrold J. Heindel

A call for unbiased, honest science in peer-reviewed journals.

Join the “Agents of Change” discussion on research and activism

Four of the fellows who participated in the program this year will discuss their ongoing research, activism, and experiences with publishing their ideas in the public sphere.

Beyond the “silver lining” of emissions reductions: Clean energy takes a COVID-19 hit

With job loss and stifled development in the renewable energy sector, economists, politicians, and advocates say policy action is necessary to stay on track.

Blaming the COVID-19 messengers—public health officials under siege: Derrick Z. Jackson

The pandemic has put public health officials in a perilous place—caught between the common good and the often-toxic American drive for personal freedom.

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