Murray Energy exits bankruptcy, rehires union miners

Coal mining giant Murray Energy Corp. has emerged from bankruptcy with a new name and a commitment to rehire all of its former union employees, according to a news release from the United Mine Workers of America.
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Ellen Kurlansky: Mercury pollution - the slippery slope

In a giant favor to the coal industry, the Trump administration is poised to undermine the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards that control mercury and other toxic air pollution from coal-fired power plants.

Court fights abound in wake of Trump's regulatory rollbacks

It's been a whirlwind year in environmental law, and courtroom action is expected to accelerate in 2020 as President Trump closes out his term. Here are some of the past year's biggest developments.

Coal giant provided secret financing to group challenging climate lawsuits

A bankruptcy filing by Murray Energy reveals its dark-money contributions to lobbying organizations trying to halt lawsuits and discredit climate science.

After the Murray Energy bankruptcy, what's the future of coal?

Bob Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, gave President Trump an 'action plan' to save coal. So now what?

John Oliver takes on Bob Murray

"Last Week Tonight" gores Bob Murray as the king of harassment lawsuits.

McConnell pushes for legislation to shore up miners' pension fund

The Senate majority leader announced his support after more than four years of pressure from the United Mine Workers of America.

Ohio-based coal giant Murray Energy declares bankruptcy

Murray Energy, the nation's largest underground coal mining company, became the ninth coal company to go bankrupt during the Trump administration.

Ohio law targeting CO2-free energy now a coal plant lifeline

A new state energy law originally intended to maintain carbon-free energy has another beneficiary - one of Ohio's most-polluting power plants, with ties to coal executive Bob Murray.

Bob Murray to Trump: Fix 'feckless FERC'

Coal executive Bob Murray is raising money for President Trump's reelection - and he may want a few things in return.

Trump stumps for coal plant tied to Bob Murray

President Trump yesterday took a swipe at the Tennessee Valley Authority for threatening to shutter a coal-fired power plant that has direct ties to coal executive Bob Murray, a top political supporter and donor.

Coal baron cuts ties with lobbying firm as ex-lobbyist Andrew Wheeler ascends at EPA

The country's largest privately held coal producer, run by the bombastic coal baron Bob Murray, appears to have ended its relationship with Wheeler's former lobbying firm.


Handing out medals in the Battle of Pruitt

To start, the photo is from Energy Department HQ, with DOE Secretary Rick Perry and, closest to him, coal baron Bob Murray. I don't know the next person to the right, but in this 2017 photo, Mr. Murray had come a-lobbyin' with veteran DC insider and mouthpiece Andrew Wheeler (beneath the red arrow). More on the photo later.

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Bob Murray drafted 6 orders on coal, climate for Trump

Coal executive Bob Murray last year presented Trump administration officials with six draft executive orders aimed at exiting the Paris climate accord and peeling back coal regulations. All President Trump had to do was sign them.
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