Mark Ruffalo joins lawmakers to talk about NC’s Dark Waters

The chemicals have been found in the drinking water of numerous North Carolina communities, including Wilmington and Pittsboro.
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Mark Ruffalo showing Dark Waters, highlighting NC PFAS

North Carolina communities from Wilmington to Pittsboro have struggled with PFAS contamination.

Nordic skiing has an addiction to toxic wax

Fluorinated glide wax is being banned from elite competitions, and big brands like Swix say they're searching for environmentally friendly alternatives.

W.Va. Democratic lawmakers announce plans to tackle PFAS chemicals

A group of Democratic West Virginia lawmakers announced plans Monday to introduce legislation to regulate a group of toxic, man-made fluorinated chemicals.

Why you need to know about PFAS, the chemicals in pizza boxes and rainwear

A group of more than 4,000 chemicals, PFAS have been found in drinking water, and are used in water-repellent clothes, non-stick pans and pizza boxes

North Carolina tests show high levels of GenX in Chemours wells

Water from a well on the Chemours property tested for GenX at a level more than 20,000 times the state provisional health goal for the compound, state records show.


Tainted water: The scientists tracing thousands of fluorinated chemicals in our environment

Researchers are struggling to assess the dangers of nondegradable compounds used in clothes, foams and food wrappings.

Watch: The chemistry of a cover-up

In making our most recent film, The Devil We Know, we thought we understood the pervasive and insidious role that toxic chemicals play in our collective lives.

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Key step for GenX testing

There's been little serious attempt to document the actual health effects of GenX and other poly- and perfluorinated compounds that Chemours and, earlier, DuPont let slip into our environment.


EPA: Filters appear effective for GenX in water

Carbon filters appear to be effective at screening GenX from drinking water in private wells and municipal water systems near a Chemours plant

15 years ago, warning signs of a crisis

In March 2003, a Fayetteville Observer reporter toured a new facility at DuPont’s Fayetteville Works plant, which had just begun producing C8.

Sussex County town marks third site with known PFCs contamination in Delaware

Last week, tests revealed the town had elevated levels of PFCs in its public water supply, prompting a water crisis that has left residents and businesses relying on bottled water.

Should we be scared of Teflon? A new Sundance documentary investigates

Director Stephanie Soechtig investigates the potentially harmful effects of Teflon in her new documentary "The Devil We Know."

DuPont vs. the World: Chemical giant covered up health risks of Teflon contamination across globe

Broadcasting from the Sundance Film Festival, we are joined by three guests who personally battled with DuPont and are featured in the new documentary called “The Devil We Know."

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