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Council goes big on carbon-sucking Wellington wetlands

A restored Wellington wetland could suck 16,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air – though the regional council hopes to get that even higher with a bit more funding.

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Democrats detail a climate agenda tying environment to racial justice

The policy road map, expected on Tuesday, could guide the party if it gains control of Congress and the White House in November.

Can the forests of the world’s oceans help solve the climate crisis?

Researchers are looking to kelp for help storing carbon dioxide far beneath the surface of the sea.

Projects to stash carbon dioxide underground get a boost

The government, after years of delays, is finally clarifying rules on tax breaks for companies that use carbon capture to fight climate change.

Climate models underestimate CO2 emissions from permafrost by 14 percent, study finds

The research incorporates a key pathway for CO2 to enter the atmosphere that is missing from other models: when carbon from thawing permafrost is flushed into waterways and converted to CO2 by sunlight.

As oil prices crashed, tankers idled off California—spewing pollution for weeks

This scrum of oil tankers, right next to the Los Angeles basin, emitted tons of air pollutants and CO2 while they were parked.

'Surprisingly rapid' rebound in carbon emissions post-lockdown

Carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded around the world as lockdown conditions have eased, raising fears that the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could surge higher than ever after the coronavirus pandemic unless governments take swift action.

Coronavirus lockdowns may only exacerbate climate fights

A new study on global carbon dioxide rates during the coronavirus pandemic will only add fuel to both sides of the environmental debate.

Two GOP senators join with Democrats to back bill to help cut emissions from farms

Some Republicans lawmakers are trying to turn over a new, green leaf on global warming.

‘Like trash in a landfill': Carbon dioxide keeps piling up in the atmosphere

Levels of planet-warming carbon dioxide reached another record in May, the month when they normally peak.

CO2 levels in atmosphere hit new highs despite coronavirus crisis

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit a new record in May, as the accumulation of the warming gas increased despite the brief environmental respite caused by coronavirus and the global recession.

This Houston nonprofit is paying coastal landowners to help fight climate change by storing CO2 in their marshes

Texas' coastal marshes absorb large quantities of climate-warming carbon dioxide. The Texas Coastal Exchange lets individuals and companies offset their carbon emissions by paying landowners to preserve these marshes.

Diesel exhaust can increase your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, study says

New research adds to speculations that traffic-related pollution can contribute to Parkinson's disease by damaging brain cells.


‘I'm not a quitter’: lobstermen turn to kelp farming in the face of global crises

Climate breakdown is causing the Gulf of Maine to heat up and that effect – in addition to the pandemic – is being felt across the lobster industry.

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