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Is climate change impacting tick populations?

How is climate change related to ticks and why are we seeing more of them? Well, warmer weather is one of several factors that have contributed to the spread of ticks in Vermont and the rise of tick-borne diseases.

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Utilities say lessons from historic storm will have to wait, as scientists, politicians eye climate change

By most accounts, it's been 60 years since Oregon saw a storm that damaged the power grid to the degree ice and snow battered the Portland region this weekend.

Study: Warmer weather will increase flooding in the Columbia River Basin this century

Warmer winter weather, more rainfall and less snow will contribute to significantly increased flooding in the Columbia River Basin this century due to climate change, new research says.

Coastal darkening is threatening marine life

Around the world, coastal waters are steadily growing darker. This darkening—a change in the water's color and clarity—has the potential to cause huge problems for oceans and their inhabitants.

COVID’s toll on coal clears the way for green recovery

The pandemic has created an opening for durable emissions reductions if governments steer recovery in a green direction.

Climate change in Oregon by the numbers, from 0.1 to 200

Temperatures are going up. Wildfires are happening more often. Sea levels are rising. Climate change has entered the chat in Oregon.

Broken promises: Cascadia region not on track to cut carbon emissions

On climate change, the governments of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia not only over-promised what they would do to stem the tide but actually underperformed all the other states and provinces.

Chesapeake Bay Program puts numbers on climate change-related pollution

Chesapeake Bay states will now have specific targets for reducing pollution expected to result from climate change, officials announced Friday morning during a meeting of the Chesapeake Bay Commission.

Laura Crews: Living with climate change in a year of fire and ice

Is this what it is to live with climate change? To carry on as normal even though nothing is normal?

Fossil fuel industry levy should pay for bushfire impact, climate action group report says

Former emergency leaders, climate scientists, doctors and community members are calling on the Federal Government to impose a levy on the fossil fuel industry for a climate disaster fund to help pay for the impact of natural disasters.

Sea levels could soar 13 feet if the East Antarctic Ice Sheet melts

Evidence of an ancient glacial retreat has suggested similar ice loss from the region in modern times could lead to a huge sea level rise.


On climate, it's Biden's green revolution versus Trump's war on red tape

The U.S. presidential election pits a politician who plans to tie the country's economic recovery to tackling climate change against another determined to remove as many regulatory hurdles to oil, gas and coal production as possible.

Global warming is melting our sense of time

Climate change isn’t just a brutal form of time travel to both the future and pre-human past, it is discombobulating to our very sense of linear time.

Climate change, rainforests, volcanoes and carbon dioxide explored in Costa Rica

An expedition to steamy northwestern Costa Rica searches for clues to climate change and how carbon dioxide seeping from a volcano might affect trees in the tropical jungle.

Coronavirus Scotland: Glasgow COP26 climate change conference postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic

Organisers confirmed the November climate summit had been cancelled for this year as the Covid-19 crisis continues to devastate nations across the globe.

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Fractured: The stress of being surrounded

Jane Worthington moved her grandkids to protect them from oil and gas wells—but it didn't work. In US fracking communities, the industry's pervasiveness causes social strain and mental health problems.

Fractured: Distrustful of frackers, abandoned by regulators

"I was a total cheerleader for this industry at the beginning. Now I just want to make sure no one else makes the same mistake I did. It has ruined my life."

Fractured: Buffered from fracking but still battling pollution

A statewide network of fracking and conventional wells, pipelines, and petrochemical plants closes in on communities.

Fractured: Harmful chemicals and unknowns haunt Pennsylvanians surrounded by fracking

We tested families in fracking country for harmful chemicals and revealed unexplained exposures, sick children, and a family's "dream life" upended.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

LISTEN: Kristina Marusic discusses the "Fractured" investigation

"Once they had the results of our study [families] felt like they had proof that these chemicals are in their air, their water, and making their way into their bodies."

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