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Study finds pharmaceuticals, other chemicals in remote Minnesota lakes

A study has found pharmaceuticals and other chemicals in remote lakes in and around the Grand Portage Indian Reservation in northeastern Minnesota.
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The end of plastic? New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year

Carlsberg and Coca-Cola back pioneering project to make ‘all-plant’ drinks bottles

How do you make a less toxic blue dye? Start with red beets

Usually these root vegetables cause pink stains, but with a little bit of chemistry, Brazilian researchers found they could produce another hue.

This scientist dodges hippos to study water pollution in South Africa

The work of South African researcher Mathapelo Seopela monitoring the health of waterways– which sometimes means keeping an eye on hippopotami while taking samples.


Minnesota lawmakers to propose state assistance to test, treat rural well water

Bipartisan legislators are looking to help clean up rural Minnesotans' drinking water come this month's legislative session.

Red Sea is potent source of hydrocarbon emissions

Natural hydrocarbon sources in the Red Sea could have far-reaching health and environmental consequences in the Arabian Peninsula.

What is PFAS, the dangerous “forever chemical” found in drinking water?

Testing done by an environmental watchdog shows a class of chemicals called PFAS are running through dozens of U.S. cities. Here's what you should know.

Scientists leave federal jobs under President Trump

There’s been an exodus of federal scientists across government agencies since 2016.

Brazil’s big agricultural strategy: pesticides

The South American nation is bucking the global trend.

$734,000 settlement reached in landfill case in Nisqually watershed

On Dec. 10, Puget Soundkeeper reached a legal settlement to resolve a federal Clean Water Act case filed in September 2017 against LRI Landfill, a 168-acre, privately owned non-hazardous landfill.

In the sea, not all plastic lasts forever

Polystyrene, a common ocean pollutant, decomposes in sunlight much faster than thought, a new study finds. It lasts centuries, perhaps only decades. Not thousands of years.

Nobel prize in chemistry honors shift toward a 'fossil fuel-free world' - with Exxon connections

The three winners developed lithium-ion batteries that made electric vehicles and battery storage for solar and wind power possible as climate solutions.

Mixing water, Powder River Basin coal ash dangerous to human health, new research finds

In the study, Powder River Basin coal ash hosted the highest concentrations of a contaminant considered “carcinogenic to humans.”
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Peter Dykstra: False profits

There's a fairly ancient gallon container of Roundup in my garage. I bought it back in the days when Roundup, and its key component glyphosate, was widely considered a safer alternative to other herbicides.

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Groundwater contamination too high near Wyoming coal ash ponds, company investigations find

Investigations into multiple Wyoming coal ash ponds operated by the state's largest utility revealed groundwater contamination far exceeded federal limits. The results have prompted the company to consider corrective measures.

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