The Trump administration is reversing nearly 100 environmental rules. Here's the full list

A New York Times analysis found more than 60 environmental policies officially rolled back under Mr. Trump and another 34 rollbacks still in progress.
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Why gigantic locust swarms are challenging governments and researchers

Scientists are championing biopesticides and better monitoring — but heavy rains, war and a lack of funding have been hampering efforts.

Editorial: Maryland should ban child-endangering chlorpyrifos permanently

Maryland must ban dangerous pesticide linked to reduced IQ and neurological disorders in children without exception or loophole.

Latino groups vow to fight for ban on pesticide linked to children's health problems

Farmworkers and Latino civil rights groups say they're not backing down from a decadeslong fight to ban chlorpyrifos.

Manufacturer of chlorpyrifos, a controversial pesticide, says it will stop producing it

Chlorpyrifos is widely used by farmers but has been linked to health problems, including neurological damage in children.

Manufacturer of chlorpyrifos, a controversial pesticide, says it will stop producing it

The main manufacturer of a pesticide used for decades on a wide array of crops, including strawberries, corn and citrus, said it will stop making the product, which is linked to neurological damage in children.

Who controls Trump's environmental policy?

Among 20 of the most powerful people in government environment jobs, most have ties to the fossil fuel industry or have fought against the regulations they now are supposed to enforce.

Climate change in spotlight as MD, VA lawmakers convene

Maryland and Virginia lawmakers are gearing up for renewed debate over renewable energy and how their states should deal with the looming threats of climate change.

Trump squeezes Thailand in trade row over chemicals ban

Southeast Asia's second-largest economy suspended an imminent move to ban three agrochemicals over safety fears. The Donald Trump administration, however, knew how to hit Thailand where it hurts.


How has this pesticide not been banned?

Government scientists say chlorpyrifos is unsafe. And yet it’s still in use.

Susan Kaplan: What local communities should do to regulate pesticides

Regulations should approach herbicides, insecticides and related substances comprehensively instead of going after individual chemicals like glyphosate.

Toxic chemicals row in Thailand back to square one

The National Hazardous Substances Committee did a U-turn and decided to halt the ban on the herbicide glyphosate and delay the one on the herbicide paraquat and pesticide chlorpyrifos.


Glyphosate slant omits legal cases

The Prayut Chan-o-cha government is doing the right thing in standing up to the US after its demand that Thailand lift the ban on three extremely toxic farm chemicals.

Thailand bans use of paraquat and other toxic farm chemicals

Thailand's government agreed Tuesday to ban the use of paraquat, glyphosate, and chlorpyrifos - three farming chemicals widely regarded as dangerous to human health.

Now retired, top US environmental scientist feels free to speak her mind

Linda Birnbaum held the top slot at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for 1 decade.

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Fracking linked to rare birth defect in horses: Study

The implications for human health are "worrisome," say researchers.

Coronavirus, the environment, and you

How the spread of the deadly virus is impacted by climate change, the environment, and our lifestyles.

Reevaluating fish consumption advisories during the COVID-19 pandemic: Analysis

Our current crisis reaffirms the importance of weighing the health benefits of eating fish against chemical exposure risks.

PFAS-free firefighting foams: Are they safer?

A small-scale certification effort could offer a path forward.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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