PennFuture lawsuit says EPA must update federal regulations for coke ovens

A coalition of environmental groups has prevailed in a federal lawsuit asserting that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency failed to regulate pollution from coke ovens around the country, including the Clairton Coke Works.

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Has U.S. Steel kept promises made in agreement with Health Dept.?

A lot has happened since the Allegheny County Health Department finalized a settlement agreement with U.S. Steel over ongoing emissions issues at its Mon Valley Works this past summer.

Opinion: To protect people from COVID-19, halt unnecessary air pollution

People living in and near Pittsburgh are at greater risk in the COVID-19 pandemic because of the poor air quality.


New Allegheny County Health Department director hears air quality concerns

Dr. Debra Bogen, the new director of the Allegheny County Health Department, is already hearing concerns from the community, such as air quality in the Pittsburgh area.

30,000 lives could be saved with cleaner air, CMU professor says

Pittsburgh's air quality has improved dramatically over the past 20 years, but a Carnegie Mellon University researcher says that's no reason for area residents to be satisfied.

Fracking at Edgar Thomson steel mill among concerns discussed at environmental forum in Forest Hills

Braddock resident Je'Amour Matthew punctuated Tuesday's environmental forum hosted by state Rep. Summer Lee with a passionate speech that resonated with the roughly 50 people who attended.

Mon Valley holds public meeting on agreement between Allegheny County Health Department and U.S. Steel

People in the Mon Valley are learning more about how millions of dollars will be used to limit pollution from the Clairton Coke Works plant.

US Steel, Allegheny County have a draft agreement on pollution violations

The Allegheny County Health Department and U.S. Steel have a draft agreement to resolve multiple air pollution violations from the company's Clairton Plant over the past two years.

Clairton officials ask Allegheny County for help in fighting air pollution

Clairton city officials showed up at an Allegheny County Council meeting Tuesday evening to ask council members to help them improve public health in their city.

Demanding change, Clairton residents and activists rally for cleaner air

Residents of Clairton, Pittsburgh's East End neighborhoods and environmental organizations gathered outside U.S. Steel Corp.'s Downtown headquarters Thursday afternoon to demand the company spend the money needed to fix its Mon Valley coke works where two fires in six months made pollution control equipment inoperable.

U.S. Steel hit with another six-figure fine over excessive emissions

The Allegheny County Health Department announced Monday that it's fined US Steel more than $300,000 for air pollution violations at the Clairton coke works during the first quarter of 2019.


Steelworkers heckle black Pa. state rep at air quality crisis hearing in Pittsburgh

CLAIRTON, PENNSYLVANIA – While historic Green New Deal legislation was being introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) 230 miles to the South in Washington, D.C, dozens of men dressed in matching orange jackets with metallic reflector strips and orange pants waited patiently to slowly cram into the Clairton Municipal building.

County Council: What will you do about Clairton pollution? Health Dept: Enforcement coming

Questioned by Allegheny County Council members on their response to pollution following a Dec. 24 fire at the Clairton Coke Works, Health Department officials said Wednesday that an enforcement action against U.S. Steel could come within a month.

Credit: Kristina Marusic

Clairton residents plead with officials to protect them from pollution following US Steel fire

PITTSBURGH—Residents from eight communities surrounding the Clairton Coke Works gathered alongside environmental advocates in Clairton on Wednesday to share their concerns about the health impacts of a recent influx in air pollution resulting from an accident at the plant nearly a month ago.

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