How the coronavirus is impacting 4 environmental issues in Pittsburgh

From less traffic to more plastic, how the coronavirus shut-down has impacted Pittsburgh.
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Pollution case against U.S. Steel dismissed

A federal judge finds the steelmaker did not violate federal Superfund law in the aftermath of two fires at its Clairton Coke Works.


Four environmental issues in the Pittsburgh region to keep your eyes on in the age of COVID-19

COVID-19 cost jobs, closed businesses and limited travel. But the economic ruin has also led to record low levels of pollution and huge reductions in climate change emissions globally.


Air quality in Western Pa. showed slight improvement in pandemic shutdown

As coronavirus restrictions closed businesses and reduced road traffic during much of March and April, some of the country's most polluted cities experienced better air quality.


Has U.S. Steel kept promises made in agreement with Health Dept.?

A lot has happened since the Allegheny County Health Department finalized a settlement agreement with U.S. Steel over ongoing emissions issues at its Mon Valley Works this past summer.


Edward Ketyer: ‘Better than before’ is not good enough

Pittsburghers old enough to remember the first Earth Day in 1970 would agree with the assertion in the April 27 letter "Natural Gas's Positive Effect on Our Air" that the air looks cleaner now than it did before.


State of the Air report once again ranks Pittsburgh as one of the worst. What to do?

The recent emphasis on public health and respiratory diseases may have people paying more attention to unhealthy air.


Pittsburgh's air quality gets failing grade—again

Air quality is improving but American Lung Association report still ranks Allegheny County and tri-state region air among nation's worst.


Opinion: To protect people from COVID-19, halt unnecessary air pollution

People living in and near Pittsburgh are at greater risk in the COVID-19 pandemic because of the poor air quality.


U.S. Steel to delay construction on Mon Valley Works complex

U.S. Steel is delaying construction for its $1 billion project at the Mon Valley Works, part of an effort to secure the Pittsburgh steelmaker's long-term future as COVID-19 disrupts oil and gas markets around the world.


AISI urges 'essential' designation for US steel mills in coronavirus response

Pittsburgh — The American Iron and Steel Institute urged the Trump administration Wednesday to identify the steel manufacturing sector and its workers as "essential" in directives responding to the coronavirus pandemic.


Post-Gazette’s Politically Inclined podcast debuts with Bethany Hallam interview

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette spoke with Allegheny County councilperson Bethany Hallam about how she defines "progressive," the Clairton Coke Work's environmental impact and the Democratic presidential primary.


New Allegheny County Health Department director hears air quality concerns

Dr. Debra Bogen, the new director of the Allegheny County Health Department, is already hearing concerns from the community, such as air quality in the Pittsburgh area.

Advocacy groups ask for more public input in health department, U.S. Steel agreement

Some Pennsylvania environmental groups are dissatisfied with an agreement that the Allegheny County Health Department and U.S. Steel finalized earlier this week.


Environmental trust fund established for five Mon Valley communities

More than $3 million from U.S. Steel penalty payments will be used for projects benefiting public health and the environment.
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