If aridification choked the Southwest for thousands of years, what does the future hold?

Thanks to global warming, regional climate patterns linked to extended periods of heat and drought that upended prehistoric life across the Southwest thousands of years ago are setting up again now.

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Acidifying oceans could get help from kelp

As more carbon dioxide fills the air, more of the gas dissolves into seawater, making the ocean more acidic and threatening marine organisms.

Threat of drought rises as dams dry up in many regions of Turkey

A decline in precipitation linked to global warming has hit Turkey, which is seeing a drop in water levels in dams, from Edirne in the far northwest to Izmir on the west coast.

Brazil's Amazon: Deforestation 'surges to 12-year high'

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has surged to its highest level since 2008, the country's space agency reports.

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Average winter temperatures in Northeast have warmed by up to 4.8 degrees since 1970, new research shows

No one says snow and cold spells are things of the past, but winters have warmed considerably since 1970 in the Northeast, according to data compiled by Climate Central, an organization of scientists and journalists that research and report on climate.

2020 Atlantic hurricane season most active on record. What happened

As the season comes to an end, scientists warn of even worse hurricane seasons as climate change triggers more frequent and catastrophic storms.

This carbon calculator will help you take action against climate change

In the fight against climate change, recent conversations and protests have pivoted to what individuals, corporations and governments can actively change to reduce their environmental impact, rather than simply create awareness around what needs to be done.

The Washington Post’s Climate Quiz is a great way to test your knowledge

Test your knowledge about the ways the climate is changing - and what we can do about it.

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Federal government’s largest polluter is Department of National Defence

The Department of National Defence was responsible for the lion's share of the federal government's own carbon pollution last year, according to newly released figures.

International lawyers draft plan to criminalise ecosystem destruction

International lawyers are drafting plans for a legally enforceable crime of ecocide – criminalising destruction of the world's ecosystems – that is already attracting support from European countries and island nations at risk from rising sea levels.

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Australia’s most extreme bushfire season, statistically speaking

Researchers identified climatic and geomorphic risk factors that led to record-breaking fires across Australia during the 2019–2020 fire season.

Big business is divided on climate. Could that help Biden?

Trump's aggressive moves on climate change split U.S. industry. Companies that produce oil, cars and electricity opposed Trump's environmental rollbacks. The question now is whether they'll help President-elect Biden meet his carbon goals.

For the Hopi Tribe, withering corn crops show impact of climate change

For 2,000 years, the Hopi have been growing corn in an arid landscape, relying on the rains. Now climate change threatens their farming traditions.

Does climate change violate children's human rights?

The field of climate litigation has been growing quickly in recent years. More than 1,300 climate-related cases have been filed since 1990, mostly in the U.S.

Biden’s electric vehicle plan will collide with policies on mining, coal

Climate activists' hopes to transition Americans to electric vehicles are on a collision course with their anti-mining and zero-emissions agendas.

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Two things to be thankful for...

2020 is almost gone. And we are lucky to have prescient environmental reporters.

Major oil and gas companies join program to cut methane emissions

62 oil and gas companies from around the world signed on to a UN-led partnership aimed at bolstering monitoring and reductions of the potent climate-warming gas.

Q&A: A young environmental justice leader on the value of getting youth of color into nature

"Before decisions are made we need to practice what we preach when we say that we stand for justice and equity. In any decision-making process, youth need to be involved from the get-go."

Agents of Change: New fellows seek to reimagine science communication

Breaking through the echo chamber with new voices grounded in science, community, and equity.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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