In parched Southwest, warm spring renews threat of ‘megadrought’

Rapid melting this year showed that good snowpack doesn’t necessarily translate into full reservoirs.
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Big Oil flows a little bit backward

Think for a minute how much the world's energy profile has changed in the past decade. Wind and solar have finally begun to shake their slumber. Big Coal is in tatters.

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Northern right whales are on the brink, and Trump could be their last hope

The species was declared critically endangered on Thursday, with fewer than 450 left.

NOAA officials feared firings after Trump's hurricane claims, inspector general says

The report found White House pressure led to NOAA’s rebuke of forecasters who contradicted Mr. Trump’s inaccurate claim that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama.

UN: World could hit 1.5-degree warming threshold by 2024

The world could see annual global temperatures pass a key threshold for the first time in the coming five years, the U.N. weather agency says.


Some seagrasses work harder than others to slow climate change

By keeping the carbon out of the atmosphere, seagrass meadows help regulate our climate system. However, a recent study of an Australian estuary found that they're not all equally good at storing carbon.


Susan Glickman: Oil companies should pay their fair share for climate change

Officials desperately need to explore new avenues both to pay for efforts to make us more resilient and to dramatically reduce dangerous carbon pollution so we don't make it worse. However, the looming question is: Will taxpayers be left with the bill?


Which wealthy country is most pessimistic on climate change?

If you're reading this, there's a fair chance that you care about climate change. But do you believe we're able to do anything to reduce it? If you live in the U.K., the answer is: probably not.


Major COVID-related emissions drop still ‘no cause for cheer’

Greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. fell 18% below last year's level in the three months ending June 15, reflecting an economy sharply hobbled by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new report by research firm Rhodium Group.


2020 election: Biden-Sanders unity task force releases bold progressive agenda

A "unity" task force created by Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders has released a detailed set of policy recommendations for an incoming Biden administration, if he wins the November election.


House passes bill to require legislative approval for emissions tax

Pennsylvania's Republican-controlled House of Representatives moved to ensure that it can block Gov. Tom Wolf from imposing a price on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants as part of a multi-state effort, although the bill is destined for a veto.


Elizabeth Sawin: How can a coronavirus response consider inequity and the climate?

Three crises are being revealed to us at once – the pandemic and its resulting economic disruption; inequity, created and sustained by economic and policy structures; and climate change, with its ongoing deadly progression of floods, fires, storms, and droughts.


It’s easier to see the future of renewable energy with climate change data that’s 50x clearer

To plan a renewable energy project means knowing how much wind and sun an area gets - today and 50 years from now. Models of future climate change scenarios help with that, but processing the information into a visual format has resulted in a pixelated image like the one below.


Japan’s deadly combination: Climate change and an aging society

Record-breaking rains this week in the country’s southernmost main island, which have killed 62, have shown the vulnerability of people living in nursing homes.
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