Carolyn Kissane: What Trump got wrong by pushing coal

During Trump’s presidency, the U.S. has remained the world’s premiere oil and gas producer. But coal has continued to struggle.
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Is this the end for ‘king coal’ in Britain?

As the black stuff burnt in the UK plummets to a level not seen since the early steam age, we trace its long, deep history and the problems left in its wake.

India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields

Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘self-reliant India’ comes at a terrible price for its indigenous population

The pandemic has been hell for the coal industry

Big Oil has hogged the spotlight of fossil fuels in decline since the coronavirus pandemic began. Which, sure, it’s news that some of the richest companies on Earth have floundered once everyone decided to stay home.

South Africa tightens restrictions for new coal power in 'landmark' ruling

South Africa is tightening environmental demands for new coal-fired power plants, after what campaigners called a 'landmark' ruling that licences for water use should consider the risks of climate change.

Coal, oil companies among those wanting environmental leniency during pandemic

What do a coal mining company, a local church and a community college have in common? They all asked for leniency from the state, arguing the coronavirus pandemic is interfering with their ability to comply with laws that protect the public from pollution.

The trough is behind U.S. Steel, CEO David Burritt says

Pittsburgh-based steelmaker U.S. Steel Corp. told investors that things are beginning to look up after a quarter that saw multiple facilities shut down and profits plunge as a result of the pandemic and deteriorating state of the oil and gas industry.

Alberta’s Vista coal mine expansion will now face a federal review. Here’s why Ottawa reversed course

Environmental groups hail the decision as a sign of federal follow-through on climate commitments.

“No pay, we stay." A look back at miners' protest that rocked Appalachia

A year ago a group of out-of-work miners climbed onto railroad tracks and into local lore. The Blackjewel protest put a spotlight on coal country's crisis.

Mine safety agency should do more to protect coal miners in a pandemic, oversight office finds

The federal Mine Safety and Health Administration has not done enough to protect coal miners during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report from an oversight agency released Tuesday.

Alberta’s renewed bet on coal: what Kenney’s policy shift means for mining, parks and at-risk species

The UCP government has rescinded a decades-old policy that restricted coal mining in parts of the Rocky Mountains and Foothills, setting the stage for a coal mining expansion in Alberta.

Deutsche Bank says it will no longer invest in fracking or Arctic oil as banks turn away from fossil fuels

Deutsche Bank says it will no longer fund oil sand or new energy projects in the Arctic region, as banks become more conscious of their carbon footprint, and contributions to climate change.

Coal should play no part in post-coronavirus recoveries, U.N. chief says

Coal should play no part in any country's post-coronavirus stimulus plan and economic recovery should align with global climate goals, U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in a lecture to Chinese students.

With coal in crisis, will Virginia be saddled with millions in mine cleanup costs?

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates King Coal’s decline, Virginia could be on the hook for millions in cleanup costs if an anticipated wave of bankruptcies destabilizes its bond pool system for managing the risks of company failures.

Coal company Rhino Resource Partners files for bankruptcy

Kentucky-based coal company Rhino Resource Partners LP filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday.
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Cutting forests and disturbing natural habitats increases our risk of wildlife diseases

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