North Carolina: Cooper nominates new DEQ head

If confirmed, Dionne Delli-Gatti would follow in the footsteps of Michael Regan, who also came from the EDF and is now headed to the EPA.

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The true cost of energy monopolies

Duke Energy’s influence in North Carolina goes well beyond the electricity bill.

Alabama Power coal ash cleanup estimate grows to $3.3 billion

Alabama Power now expects to spend a total of $3.3 billion to cover its remaining coal ash ponds in place.

How the Kingston coal ash spill unearthed a nuclear nightmare

Twelve years ago this month, more than a billion gallons of wet ash burst from a holding pond monitored by the region's major utility, the Tennessee Valley Authority, or TVA.


EPA sued over rule extending life of toxic coal ash ponds

A coalition of nine environmental groups is suing the Environmental Protection Agency over a rule that extends the life of giant pits of toxic coal sludge, risking contamination of nearby water sources.


Judge to rule if coal ash cleanup can be paid by power bills

A Georgia judge is considering arguments in a case challenging whether customers should have to pay to clean up Georgia Power Co.'s coal ash ponds.


The other race on Georgia's January ballot

The runoff for Georgia’s Public Service Commission is a referendum on the powerful energy company Georgia Power.

Mississippi landfill being considered for toxic-laden coal ash from retired Tennessee power plant

The Tennessee Valley Authority is considering moving toxin-laden coal ash from a retired plant in Memphis to one of two off-site landfills as it begins preparing for the $500 million removal project, the federal utility said Monday. A TVA report said it has narrowed down the primary destination for coal ash removed from the retired …

Montana regulators order cleanup of Colstrip ash ponds

Tuesday's decision from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality is the first major coal ash excavation project approved in the West.


For Alabama’s coal ash pond closures, disagreement between energy leaders and environmentalists over methods

The pending closure of three coal ash ponds, with more to come, have energy industry leaders and environmentalists arguing over the best and safest way to dispose of the dangerous substance.


An extra Trump Supreme Court justice may help cement his environmental rollbacks

The loss of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg may also give Joe Biden trouble in implementing a plan to combat climate change.

EPA grants leniency for dumping toxic coal ash

EPA has given power plant owners more leniency to dump coal ash into unlined ponds, drawing a promise of litigation from environmentalists who claim the rule lets heavy metals leach into groundwater.


Georgia Power lawsuit says Plant Scherer coal ash is ‘poisoning’ locals

45 residents living near America's largest coal-fired plant claim Georgia Power contaminated their community's drinking water source.

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