How trucking baby eels past dams on the Susquehanna River revived an ecosystem

Some scientists say assisted migration could help more species survive the warming planet.
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Lawmakers push bill to axe Conowingo Dam deal

Maryland lawmakers have introduced an emergency bill that seeks to break off Gov. Larry Hogan's proposed deal with Exelon Corp. - a deal, they say, would box out the state from overseeing the Conowingo Dam's water quality impacts to Chesapeake Bay waterways.


MD’s proposed concessions to Exelon bad for Susquehanna, Bay

Ever since the federal license allowing it to operate the Conowingo Dam expired in 2014, Exelon Corp. has fought updated permit requirements that would better protect affected waterways and aquatic life for the next 50 years.


Environmentalists, Shore officials oppose Conowingo settlement

Environmental groups and some rural Maryland officials are calling on federal regulators to reject the deal that the state has reached with the owner of the Conowingo Dam.


Exelon agrees to $200 million settlement for impact of Conowingo Dam

The owner of Conowingo Dam has struck a deal with Maryland to resolve a dispute over the hydropower facility's role in polluting the Chesapeake Bay and how much, if any, it should be required to pay to help with the cleanup.


Exelon to pay $200 million for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

The deal with Exelon Generation to operate the Conowingo Dam is heralded by state officials and criticized by a prominent environmental group.

Pollution forecast for Chesapeake Bay predicts more fish kills, dead zones

The report predicts this summer's dead zones in the bay is expected to be about 2.1 cubic miles. 

Experts warn of 'dead zone' in Chesapeake Bay from pollution

As negotiations drag on, the lack of agreement about curbing runoff pollutants following the wettest year on record imperils hard-won gains in restoring the Chesapeake Bay.


Old age, neglect and a changing climate are rendering US dams dangerous

Annapolis, Md.—DJ Buckley spent most of his afternoon on Aug. 3 picking up branches and debris out of the Annapolis Harbor.

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States to collaborate on implementation plan for Conowingo

The Conowingo Dam's owner, Exelon, will likely be called upon to provide some of the funds for meeting pollution reduction goals.

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