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‘Earth looks fragile from space’: Jeff Bezos pledges $1bn to conservation

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has said he realised just how fragile the Earth was when he looked back down at it from space, while committing $1bn to conservation projects around the world.

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Hong Kong green groups want quarantine hotels to stop using throwaway food containers, cutlery

Hotels have safety guidelines, but are not compelled to collect disposable items for recycling.

Does nature have rights? A burgeoning legal movement says rivers, forests and wildlife have standing, too

Climate change and environmental destruction have inspired court cases around the country—and the globe—aimed at protecting the natural world.

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Protecting NW Pennsylvania’s most pristine natural lake takes vigilance

Experts with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy work to protect Lake Pleasant from invasive plants, and people too.

Bolsonaro cracks down on illegal mining in Amazon amid global pressure – for now

Brazil government is determined to show the world a new, greener face after three years in which deforestation rates and global outrage exploded.


Murders of environment and land defenders hit record high

Figures from Global Witness for 2020 show violent resource grab continued unabated despite pandemic.


‘It’s not sustainable’: overcrowding is changing the soul of US national parks

Travelers, tour guides and service workers share how years of record-high tourism are reshaping destinations in ways that may change them forever.


Marseille biodiversity summit adopts motion to ban deep-sea mining

A motion calling for a ban on deep-sea mining has been adopted in Marseille at the world's biggest biodiversity summit since the pandemic, after an overwhelmingly supportive vote by governments and civil society groups.

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France threatened with legal action over use of pesticides

Widespread use of chemicals that can harm wildlife means French state has failed to protect the country’s flora and fauna, say NGOS

Avocados and vanilla among dozens of wild crop relatives facing extinction

Study finds agriculture and pesticide use threaten relatives of world's most important crops, considered crucial to food security.

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These popular tuna species are no longer endangered, surprising scientists

In a world simultaneously on fire and underwater thanks to climate change, scientists have announced some good news: Several important tuna species have stepped back from the edge of extinction.

COVID-19 and the fight against climate change: What have we learned?

As the world continues to battle the COVID crisis, we must not lose sight of the greatest long-term threat faced by mankind: climate change.


‘Everything is changing’: the struggle for food as Malawi’s Lake Chilwa shrinks

The livelihoods of 1.5 million people are at risk as the lake's occasional dry spells occur ever more frequently.

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They're spawning! Researchers celebrate the return of native lake trout to Lake Erie

A conservation milestone has been reached: Lake trout are reproducing in Lake Erie, where the native fish were considered extinct.

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LED streetlights decimating moth numbers in England

"Eco-friendly" LED streetlights produce even worse light pollution for insects than the traditional sodium bulbs they are replacing, a study has found.

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Researchers, doctors call for regulators to reassess safety of taking acetaminophen during pregnancy

The painkiller, taken by half of pregnant women worldwide, could be contributing to rising rates of reproductive system problems and neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD and autism.

LISTEN: Azmal Hossan on the sociology of climate crises in South Asia

"If we look at the rate of carbon emissions, most is emitted by the developed and industrialized countries, but the problem is poor countries like Bangladesh are the main sufferers."

Op-ed: We don’t have time for another fossil fuel bridge

Those holding up carbon capture and hydrogen as new climate solutions are leading us down the wrong path.

Climate storytelling: Creativity and imagination in the face of bleak realities

Working with youth writers on a climate-fiction screenplay has opened my eyes to the power of the arts in confronting environmental crises.

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Peter Dykstra: Protected by an alphabet soup of acronyms

CITES, CCAMLR, LDC, MBTA, CBD, Ramsar, LWCF ... they may make your eyes glaze over, but they protect our health and planet.

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