Contaminated Ground: Indiana’s City of Mineral Water faces specter of health threats

Once known as the City of Mineral Water for the healing power of its spring-fed spas, Martinsville, Indiana, now faces the specter of health threats caused by the contamination of its water supply.

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Hungarian President calls on Ukraine, Romania to stop polluting rivers

Hungary's president called on Ukraine and Romania to stop polluting two major rivers that flow across Hungary after floods in the past weeks brought in "dirty carpets" of plastic bottles from its neighbours.


Meat and dairy production emit more nitrogen than Earth can cope with

The amount of nitrogen pollution emitted just by global livestock farming is more than the planet can cope with, prompting scientists to say we need to eat less meat and dairy produce.

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Louisiana’s mercury testing program for fish in peril

If there was a particularly bad time for Louisiana to stop testing waterways for toxic fish, it would be now.


EGLE finds no increased contamination following May flood

State environmental officials say tests along the Tittabawassee and Saginaw Rivers are not showing recent floods caused dioxin and other contamination to spread.


Florida governor signs sweeping new environmental law for cleaner water

Governor DeSantis called the measure "one of the most significant pieces of substantive legislation in quite some time," but environmentalists said it falls short of efforts necessary to protect Florida's waters.

Plastic Pollution

Turkish diver decries plastic pollution in Bosphorus

Turkey's multiple world-record holder Sahika Ercumen dived into the Bosphorus Strait on Tuesday to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the seas.


Maryland’s signature fish is under assault from mercury pollution

EPA enforcement has been largely on stand-down during the pandemic but high amounts of mercury recently detected in Maryland rockfish suggest it will take more than a return to business-as-usual to address worrisome levels of environmental pollution.

PES site’s new owner envisions an ‘environmentally conscious’ commercial hub

Hilco's plan is to transform the 1,300-acre site into a multimillion-dollar distribution and commercial hub, ending a legacy of 150 years of oil refining on the property.


NOACA proposes new 20-year blueprint for wastewater management and water quality

The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency will answer questions about a proposed clean water plan that, if approved, would serve as a 20-year roadmap for wastewater management and water quality across five counties.


Study: Mercury widespread in Chesapeake headwaters fish

Nearly half of all gamefish in freshwater lakes, streams and rivers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed may be unsafe to eat because of high levels of mercury, a new study suggests.


B.C. researcher aims for early warning system to prevent oyster contamination

A Vancouver Island researcher is developing an early warning system to prevent the contamination of farmed oysters along B.C.'s west coast, which can cost the industry millions.


Russian nickel producer admits pollution in Arctic tundra

A Russian metallurgical company says that it improperly pumped wastewater into the Arctic tundra and that it has suspended the responsible employees.


France pulls plug on country's oldest nuclear plant

France's oldest nuclear power plant will shut down after four decades in operation, to the delight of environmental activists who have long warned of contamination risks.


Mass fish deaths in Istanbul’s Lake Küçükçekmece

Thousands of fish and crabs have been found washed ashore in Istanbul's Lake Küçükçekmece, raising fears among locals about potential environmental hazards.

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